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Key Stage Two National Curriculum Tests May 2013 (SATs 2013)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Tiggermet, May 12, 2013.

  1. Negative numbers will be accepted as they are whole numbers. So one more mark in the bag!
  2. HSX

    HSX Occasional commenter

    Oh yeah, where has this idea come from that negative numbers aren't whole numbers? They specified whole numbers, not integer, and even if they did -2047 is as equally whole as 51. Some people clearly need to review a maths dictionary every now and then.
  3. zugthebug

    zugthebug New commenter

    To reply to sparky

    Since last year if a child is ill you can apply for a timetable variation, you have up to a week after the test date and have to specify which date the child will sit the papers. I had a child last year with a serious vomiting bug who missed monday and wednesdays tests. Parents agreed in writing he would have no contact including phone or internet use ( was too ill for the first 2 days anyway) when he returned on thursday he sat the maths b and the mental test in a room away from the class and the maths a and reading on the friday. He was escorted in and out of school by his parents and taken home at lunchtime. A LA advisor came to check and chat with parents as we had to notify them as well.

    Big pain and child felt like he was in prison but he was a good level4 and from the schools point of view with ofsted looming was needed.
  4. The question was not an approximation one. We've taught our pupils to read a question carefully and measure accurately. If it was a rounding question I can accept it but it wasn't.

    "How long does that architrave need to be Alan?"

    "2085mm Jeff."

    "Right. I'll just round that up to 2090mm as I'm a fairly rounded joiner and there's always a degree of margin of error in these Stanley tape measures."

    Nope. Sorry. The question was wrong. End of.
  5. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I think perhaps there might have been test sheet batches that were incorrectly printed because ours were fine. No children mentioned the question and I know that some would have. I've just checked a spare test sheet and they all measure accurately enough to answer the question correctly.
  6. Apparently STA have been informed and are saying that the lines have shrunk during the printing and copying process. They are saying that there two possible answers because of this. I think its under investigation. The more people write and raise an issue about it the stronger the case.
  7. Fact- The STA knew that there was an issue after the papers were printed. Obviously they chose not to inform schools, not sure why. I despair over the sense in setting such a question.

    The fact that two lines which both measured 8.4cm A and D could be added to the line that measured 9.4cm C really threw some of our children. That represents real shrinkage for two lines to suddenly become plausible!!!!!!! Not sure what or if anything the STA will do about this.But they must respond none the less.

    What a shambles, bring back ETS, Ed Balls and Co!!!
  8. Bomb

    Bomb New commenter

    I found it really interesting to read other comments about how it was their Asperger's pupil who struggled with the measuring problem - because we had the same issue. One of our boys with Asperger's was really upset by this problem and I had to tell him a couple of times to leave it and come back to it later. You could see it had physically upset him!
  9. caz100

    caz100 New commenter

    One of mine gave up half way thru and said he couldn't be bothered any more!!!! My higher attainers didn't like the L6 but enjoyed the L3-5.
  10. Level 6 papers not too bad although I thought on first glance that Paper A looked more daunting. Showed it to my son who is a secondary maths teacher and he felt the same. The children much preferred Paper B too. interesting that everyone has such different views of the same paper. I'm hoping they will be fairer this year and not increase the thresholds like they did last year. We lost out on at least two Level 6s then and I would really like for that not to happen again.
  11. We have complained to the STA and received the following response, which I believe is absolutely unfair on those schools that received the bad papers (they say the variations were inconsistent). FYI, our lines were more than half a mm out! If all the schools affected could write to the STA, maybe it would add a greater weight to the argument!

    Thank you for contacting us about your concerns regarding the accuracy of question 6 in mathematics test B of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum tests.

    I can confirm that all of the test questions that are set by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) undergo rigorous pretesting and go through an expert review process by teachers and curriculum experts before being used. The final test papers then undergo extensive proofing prior to going to production, at the handover stage the lengths of the lines were correct. In this instance the error was introduced during the large scale production process, this occurred because of evaporation of moisture from the paper promoted by heat generated in the printing press.

    A decision has been taken not to withdraw this question from the test for the following reasons :-

    ? The variation in line length between papers is not consistent, however, most we have seen were less than 0.5mm

    ? The question was designed to have two clear answers and these are credited in the mark scheme.

    ? We believe that, despite the variance in the printing of the lines, the two clear answers are still present.

    ? In addition the tolerance allowed in the mark scheme for drawing the line in part b allows for the variance in the printing of line B.

    I can assure you that we have noted this issue and will be working with our print suppliers to ensure that this does not occur in future test cycles. I hope that this information provides some assurance of the processes that we have in place.

    Yours sincerely,

    Anita Draper

    STA Customer Relations

    Standards and Testing Agency

    Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm

    Tel: 0300 303 3013

    Email: assessments@education.gov.uk
  12. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Sounds fair enough. Teach your kids some common sense and they would be fine.
  13. I'm glad that two answers are being accepted, however I still believe that the wording of the question is wrong, in that it implies that there is only ONE correct answer. It is this that confused a couple of my brighter children.

    This is how the question is worded: "Which two lines have a total length of 18 cm?"

    It should have been worded in another way, e.g. "Give the letters of two lines which have a total length of 18cm".
  14. Does anyone know where the papers will be available for download? I understand the papers are still live but they won't be tomorrow. Will they be available here? My daughter is quite desperate to have another look at them after sitting them last week.
  15. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

  16. NIXIEH

    NIXIEH New commenter

    I have checked and the uploaded papers are the SPAG sample materials not the actual SATS test. Presumably they won't be available for a while.
  17. Dear Nick909,

    Is there anyway i could contact you?
  18. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Nick is very picky. You need to post up a pic of yourself before he would consider giving out his contact details.
  19. does anyone know when the mark schemes are available to download from the NCT site?
  20. First time year 6, when are results released? I'm dreading spag and math b, do you know where I can obtain copies? Only had enough for my lot.

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