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Key Stage Two National Curriculum Tests May 2011 (SATs 2011)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Tiggermet, May 8, 2011.

  1. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Yes, the government have decided to introduce them this year to enable the "more able" to show what they can do! They are official optionals ( ie we haven't made up our own!) but are marked in house and, as far as we are aware, can only be used to back up teacher assessment, rather than be reported as a test level
  2. I am so proud of my 19 DARLINGS! ([​IMG])
    They did well, thoguht paper B was a little more difficult, did agree why on earth did Dev and Joe have to change cards? My 2 5's were working right up until the last minute ---- think we did ok, wonder what threshold will be???
    Am not too concerned about the Maths - looking round felt really positive, its the English! What will our marker be like??? What will the reading mark scheme be like!? EEK!
    We had a movie, doughnuts,popcorn and capri sun this afternoon --- back to normal tomorrow and next week (got an observation for new job! so hopefully they will be settled by then!)

  3. All the reading ests and maths A B have seemed to be really long winded! Some really struggled to finish them (even MA kids). Whoever writes these must realise that there is only 45mins!
    Why oh why did Dev and Jo have to swap cards!!! Could also see so many writing that there wouild be a 360 or 36 metre long line of 5ps Grrrr so annoying....
  4. Thought I'd give a quick update on my afternoon as it seemed to spark some interesting debate. My class of 32 finished their final test and we all cheered. The 10 who I will be thrilled if they get a 3, managed to finish and since they speak minimal English I was very proud of them. We then gave out cast lists for the end of term play and started to design the sets. And then we had a brilliant afternoon playi it's a knockout (dates me, I know) - everyone was soaked, no one appeared to have caught a chill (!!) and parents then joined us for a cup of tea while the kids went for a swim. I sent home a class of happy, exhausted kids. We will be lucky if we get 70% to level 4. Most of my class dont speak English as a first language, a significant amount are known to social services and do you know what ... I love my job today. If I can get to the end of year 6 with the kids ready for senior school then that's my success. After over 20 years teaching I find this the most rewarding role I've ever had.
    Sorry, rant over. I'm just exceptionally proud of my lovely class of united nations war zones !!
    All enjoy your celebrations tomorrow and I'm off for a large glass of wine.
  5. Well said. And how did my name get attached to SIRFRANKS mad rantings earlier??
    the quote thing is not working properly.
  6. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    What would happen if a child got a level 6 in the level 6 paper butonly a 4 in the normal paper? Let's face it, it will happen. Will it be hushed up?!!
  7. I've been thinking about this today.... I suppose it will just support the idea that tests are not the best way to assess children and that we need to use a range of assessment strategies...

    But yes, hushed up I imagine!
  8. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    Good on you anniecook..... glad you had such a great afternoon... enjoy your wine!!
  9. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Have you seen the level 6 paper! I doubt that any child normally working at level 4 would get anywhere near a level 6, my level 4's had a go and managed to get half the marks needed for a level 6, only those CONSISTENTLY achieving level 5s on papers were anywhere near. I had a couple achieving a level 6 on the paper who I certainly would only teacher assess as working at a good level 5 but they just scraped over the level 6 threshold on the paper!
  10. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul Occasional commenter

    Surely in a "decent" school the statemented child should achieve L4 too?
  11. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    It doesn't quite work that way. The official test result can only be a level 3-5. That is the test level that will be published.

    However, in our school we have some children working at a level above the tests regularly in class. We want to show that actually they are not at level 5, but at a 6 and so this test just allows us to prove our TA of a 6c or 6b.

    I am absolutely confident than none of those who will achieve a level 6 will not also get a good level 5 on the 'real' test.

    Who will 'hush it up'? Our children know that their official test level will be a 5 (they haven't got a 4 for a year or more, so are just as confident of getting a 5 as I am). They also know that they are giving these level 6 tests a go to see if they can make it, but that it just counts for showing off to me and to their next school that they are a genius really. No-one minds if they do or don't get a 6 and getting a 5 puts them at an expected level for year 9.

    Much as they were stunned at how hard the reading paper was, it was a bit of a G&T bonding experience and they are very excited about the maths tomorrow.
  12. Well done Annie Cook - we have a similar Y6 to yours....several different languages/difficult home circumstances/looked after kids/statements....and all of them worked their socks off this week. Tomorrow it's fun games in the morning, a movie in the afternoon with popcorn and pizza. They all raised their game this week which was great to see - we have our fingers crossed for 60% at/over Level 4; with almost a quarter of the class EAL this will be a big ask. We're also starting to think about an end of year production for Y6 - can I ask what you are doing? Just sniffing around for ideas!!
  13. Hey foxy. We are doing Charlotte's Webb this year. Lots of great parts for all kids and a great set to make. Last year we did Alice in wonderland, the musical, which was exhausting. My Charlotte's this year (we have 2) are from Romania and Iran and explaining to their mums that they are playing a talking spider has been great fun.
    Hope your class feel very proud of themselves and good luck with the play.
  14. Totally agree with comment about Sunday Times article! Who on earth chooses this stuff, have they met many 10 and 11 year olds who read Sunday Supplements?

  15. My class found the mental maths hard and the wordy Paper A a nightmare for my 90% EAL children - thought it was a maths test, not reading!
  16. Wondering where the Sunday Times stuff may have come from.........
    <u>Quote from Daily Telegraph:</u>
    'Michael Gove has blamed an &ldquo;anti knowledge culture&rdquo; for reducing achievement In education, and said children benefited when expectations were set higher.'
    <font size="2"> He also claimed that: "Like </font>Chairman Mao<font size="2" color="#000000">, we&rsquo;ve embarked on a Long March to reform our education system", </font>
    <font size="2" color="#000000">apparently unaware that Mao's </font>cultural revolution<font size="2" color="#000000"> closed China's education system for ten years and led to the deaths of many teachers.</font>

    So there you go.

  17. Wondering where the Sunday Times stuff may have come from.........
    <u>Quote from Daily Telegraph:</u>
    'Michael Gove has blamed an &ldquo;anti knowledge culture&rdquo; for reducing achievement In education, and said children benefited when expectations were set higher.
    Much as I would love to pin the 'Sunday Times SAT' on Mr Gove (who will surely have us all sitting the tests in Latin next year) this year's SAT was devised up to 3 years ago. That's how long it takes apparently.
  18. I agree that paper A was very wordy and slowed down some of my more able EAL students. Paper B seemed better and they said the mental maths was easier than they expected. The Reading paper for some of them was torture - had to explain a lot of the words afterwards, but they still managed to have a good go as a lot was 'cut and paste' from the text. So they might get a good mark without understanding what they were reading. Had very mixed feelings that I have taught them how to answer comprehension questions so well.
  19. What a shame we can't blame Michael!
    It certainly wasn't set by anyone who has ever taught year 6 children!
  20. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

    Sorry, but I'm not buying that one - three years to produce?? Who told you that?! They respond to the previous year's results and they are set to support the current political agenda. Still, having said that the last lot had it in for teachers too...

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