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Key Stage One SATS question - Writing and Reading Tests

Discussion in 'Primary' started by raebarton, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Would it be possible to also get a copy of your wonderfully innovative ideas - am using the 2009 tests and was planning to carry out writing tasks as part of a themed day/week....
    Did you link your character description in with same theme: was considering using Owl that was afraid of the dark, though most people I've spoken to have gone for Gruffalo!!!
    Don't suppose you or anyone else has booklists for level 1 and 2 tasks for 2007 and 2008 to hand or know where I might come across these on the web?

  2. Would it be possible for me to have a copy of your planning? Sounds GREAT !


  3. I am also a new teacher to year 2 and would really appreciate a copy of your planning. Your ideas sound fantastic.
    Many thanks
  4. If you don't mind I would also really appreciate looking at a copy of your planning - sounds like you made the topic really interesting for your class.
    Many Thanks
    I was also wondering what book people are thinking of using for the short writing task - character description?!
  5. I will be doing the KS1 SATs after the break. Would appreciate having a look at your planning to see what you've done. You done both the 2009 writing tasks?
    My email is kladenburg@gmail.com
    Many thanks
  6. Any chance of jumping this train? I'd love a peek at your plans if possible. Am struggling to think of how to organise this effectively.
    Many thanks.
  7. Me too if possible? Thanks so much :)
  8. I'm also an NQT in year 2 and have ran out of interesting ideas. I would appreciate too if possible?!
    Thanks in advance x x x
  9. I'm looking at doing this after Easter then doing the 2009 writing task later in the summer. Any chance I could have a copy of your planning and a llist of any resources you'd suggest making / buying etc??

    Thank you so much

  10. Hi has anybody got any ideas or planning for the writing for year 2 2009 sat's task on character descriptions.?I'm really struggling. I have searched the internet for ideas but not had much luck. Hoping to start work on character descriptions after Easter. Could really do with some inspiration!!!
  11. Elfreda6969

    Elfreda6969 New commenter

  12. I love your ideas... I am teaching yr 2 for the first time and would be grateful for any help I can get... is there a chance you might let me see a copy of your planning for this task?
    my email is a_riglia@hotmail.com
    thanks in advance
  13. Hi all,

    I am a Y2 NQT and was wondering if you might share your planning with me too? I would be really grateful - Year 2 is hard enough without all this SATs pressure!

    Many thanks,
    My email is babes786@live.co.uk
  14. I'm confused.
    Are you all leading up to the actual SATs test with a whole week of addressing it? How much are you allowed to relate to the actual content of the test?
  15. We are down playing the whole SATs thing - personally, I find that calm kids = better results (or rather, more accurate results).
    Can I be cheeky and ask for a copy of that planning too? Would love to see how you are leading into nocturnal animals. I am going to use the Gruffalo as my 'character', as I am just starting stories by the same author and using Julia MacDonald.

  16. sjw2007

    sjw2007 New commenter

    Yeah! I'm confused too. I thought we were meant to leave about a week before the SATs before using same genre and topics.
  17. Hi I was wondering whether it would be possible to send me a copy of your planning based on the Night-time report that you have just done with your Year 2's. Your lessons sound great and as a Year 2 teacher, I am struggling to see how I can intergrate this task into our planning, as our topic is Island Adventure! Thank you for your time, this would be greatly appreciated! My email is: g.older1@ntlworld.com
    Thank you again!
    Yours faithfully
    Claire Older
  18. Hi, I've only just found this thread- -havent been on tes for a while and i did most of my planning and teaching towards 2009 sats - based on The Owl who was affraid of the dark, would love to have a peek at your plans though if u dodnt mind
    thanks and if u leave me your email i'll send u my overall session plans if u like

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