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Key Stage 2 teacher drowns in reception class

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mrszzz, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. I am a key stage 2 teacher and have been covering a reception class since last week and will be for a year. I think I'm drowning.
    It is a 60 place unit, 2 teachers and 2 TAs.
    Can I ask your advice/opinion on some matters don't feel the need to answer them all
    <ol>[*]All week there has been the same items in the sand and water. Is this typical or should children have more choice?[*]The children are heard read twice a week individually which takes up an incredible amount of time( very important I know but something else will have to give)-Is this usual?[*]What objectives/learning outcomes do you use? Do you use/adapt the profile points?[*]Does your whole class do ICT and PE lessons?[*]The children come in and sit down on the carpet and wait(ish). What do you do to make the initial part of the morning more worthwhile.[*]There seems no restriction on the number of children who go in an area. Is this standard practice? There seems a lot of bickering over resources. If you do, what system do you use for limiting numbers?[*]Do you record children's number work in a book?[*]What happens at coffee time? (2 X 15 minutes)[*]What's the most you would keep children on the carpet (I appreciate that depends)</ol>gulp, gulp
    Any answers will be appreciated
    Thank you
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    If it is for a learning focus I might use the same items all week or if I feel the children are using the equipment well.I would probably add enhancements if it was appropriate.
    At other times children would be free to choose from continuous provision
    In reception I try to hear children read every day - normally books are very short so it shouldn't take long.
    I don't plan from ELGs but adapt objectives from DMS
    not on a weekly basis ... lots of PD happens outdoors and in the class
    prefer ICT in small groups
    We don't wait we go straight into activities
    We used to restrict area use - now we only do this with the workbench for safety reasons
    We don't have one
    10 - 20 mins depending on the stage of the year but would break it up with activity not just sitting all the time.

  3. Hi, is the unit 2 reception classes or a nursery and reception class? Do you get to plan with the other teacher? If you want to put your email add on, I can send you some info about how our unit is organised... I know they are all very different but can be helpful to see what others do. You are very brave going from KS2 to Reception but don't feel like you are drowning yet, you will soon get used to it! x
  4. Hi, teaching early years takes a lot of getting used to so don't worry too much!
    We have the same things out during the week unless the children are not accessing it or they want to add something it to it.
    It is time consuming but i try and hear indivdual readers at least 2x a week.
    Whole unit does PE in 2 sessions.
    First thing in the morning the children have signing in sheets and then free flow for 15 minutes allowing key people to meet and greet parents and settle any screamers!
    No restrictions on limits in free flow.they have to work it out themselves its a good life skill
    No maths work books.
    We don't get coffee breaks, we can stand still a bit when the children are having their snack until someone spills milk or wees themself!
    I have reception children (F1 in my county) and we have a 30 minute phonics and numeracy time. Key Person time is normally about 20 minutes as we have nursery children mixed in as well.
    Good luck with it x
  5. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    I'm in nursery so may differ a little here...
    1. I usually leave the same items in the sand and water as they will relate to the task in hand, and add in enhancements throughout the week to extend the learning or challenge the children.
    2. The plan is to hear readers 2/3 x a week, although it is very time consuming
    3. I plan from a mixture of the profile and development matters.
    4. No, we have allocated time in the hall and ICT suite but we will not take those up until the summer term, if the children are ready.
    5. The children used to come in and sit and wait on the carpet, usually with a story dvd on but this term we have their names laminated on A4 and they come in copy over and then attempt to write it themselves underneath - they're doing so well with this!!!
    6. The only areas I restrict are Roleplay because of resources, play-doh because they would all be at that table and water/sand for obvious reasons and resources.
    7. No if children are doing a particular number task I will take photographic evidence, or photocopy the whiteboard. These will placed into their Learning Journey's or an additional work folder.
    8. I can't help with this one as we have set playtimes and that is our break time.
    9. I think for 3 years old its meant to be like 6/7 minutes, so maybe 8 for 4 years old but mine are capable of sitting a little bit longer but definitely no longer than 10 minutes and I usually include something active in the middle.
    Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone I appreciate your insight

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