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Key stage 2 End of term productions

Discussion in 'Music' started by INGIE, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. INGIE

    INGIE New commenter

    Can anyone recommend a good but not overly demanding end of term production for Year 5/6 children. We are a large school and this would involve 6 classes of children. We have a high percentage of asian children and therefore need to consider this. Also our children are not the most able and lots of material aimed at this age group is too difficult.
    Last year we did Troy story. a fantastic production with great songs but at times the story line was possibly inappropriate for our children and we did get some comments.
    Have looked at other edgy productions but not sure again from looking at lyrics if appropriate. Kids will love but head and parents might not.
    Something that can be split easily amongst 6 classes would also be good. so teachers can work on parts and put it together at end. this reduces large pockets of time being given to rehearsals cos we also get complaints of so much time spent rehearsing when we should be 'working'!
  2. netmum

    netmum New commenter

    We also have to rehearse the majority of our studd in class then put it together at the end.

    What about The Jungle Book Jr. I have looked at it but thought it might be a bit young for ours (up to age 14)

    We have also done Olivia Junior version from Musicline. It is a shortenend version of Olivia, like an Oliver for more girls and we split it with one class playing orphans, one class playing flower girls and Londoners and the last class playing Poor School Children. It could be split down further.
  3. Try School Daze by Edgy - Good songs and could be split fairly simply.
  4. Muzelle

    Muzelle New commenter

    Hi, I write musicals for children and have a great version of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' if you are interested. I can provide you with audio recordings, scores and parts, and suggest ways of staging it for your number of children. I've performed it a few times with mixtures of Year 2, 3 and 4 children, and it's also been performed in the US with older children, so I know it works with various ages. The show provides opportunity for diverse costumes, choreography solos and ensemble work, and the music is a mixture of contemporary styles. Great songs, but easy to learn! Leave me a message here if you'd like to know more, or receive some audio extracts.
  5. A bit late I know, but we've just done A Blast From The Past from Edgy Productions and it was brilliant. Lots of laughs and memories of school wovwn into the songs and script, and the farewell song was a killer - everyone was in tears. Check them out for next year.
  6. I realise this is a very old post and too late for this year - but if you are looking for Christmas or next summer, why not try Out of the Ark Music, they produce great musicals - Cinderella & Rockerfella is brilliant and the kids love it.
  7. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference Occasional commenter

    Or musicals from One More Time! Arthur's Knights & the Dragon and Samson Power.

  8. Hello sounds interesting! would like to know more.
  9. FCarpenter

    FCarpenter New commenter

    Not forgetting perennial favourite 'A Holiday And a Half' for a light-hearted end of summer term adventure KS2/Y6 leavers' show! <a href="http://www.franticproductions.co.uk/popup.cfm?p_n=186360&p_i=186360
    "> A Holiday and a Half![/URL] (I can't believe still going strong after almost 10 years!) There are some clips of it on youtube if you type in the title or 'Tony Gelati ice cream song'. Have a good Christmas all!
  10. FCarpenter

    FCarpenter New commenter

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