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Key resources in a reception class.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by gemma_1687, May 28, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone
    I could do with your help, I have been given instructions for next sept in my school to put together a list of key resources that will be needed in a reception class. They have the basic resources pencils etc. but I wondered if any of you have resources you just couldn't live with out on a weekly basis and ones that the kids get a lot out of.
    Any ideas would be great, mine so far are:
    Magnetic letters/numbers
    Phonic and number flash cards
    Small world props- animals/people/cars etc.
    White boards and pens for the children’s use.
    Phonics/Number turn taking and recognition games.
    Construction toys
    Sorting toys- compare bears/linking elephants
    Scissors/glue/pencils/crayons/stencils etc.

    I know theres so many more but it's hard when your put on the spot and have a short time limit to order them in. Any ideas would be great.
    Thank you
  2. 'Tap a shape' wooden tiles with tacks and hammers.
    Collections of natural objects - pine cones, pebbles, shells etc.
    Musical instruments.
    Printing and collage materials (art straws, glitter, 'jewels')
    Balsa wood in various sizes and grades.
    Flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil and food colouring to make playdough.
    Modelling clay.
    Materials for writing provision - special pens, papers, notebooks, clipboards etc.
    Sand and water toys
    Outside - playground chalks, gravel, bikes, plants and planters, gardening equipment.
    Role play - puppets; dressing up clothes.

    Look in catalogues.

  3. Thats great thank you

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