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Key Portfolio - claiming expenses?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by smiler247, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    I've recently joined a supply agency after a number of years doing supply directly through the LEA. I have been given information regarding Key Portfolio and being able to claim expenses. Not having experienced this before I am unsure whether to sign up to it or not. Do any of you have experience of a similar situation?
    Thank you
  2. Unless you are leaving home before 6.30, are travelling over 100 miles per day and are getting home after 7.30 - it won't be worth it. You have to pay the EMPLOYERS and EMPLOYEES NI contributions as well as paying Key to process your wages. Also this may be looked at by HMRC in the future and they could ask for 6 years overdue tax. Bargepole touch with don't.
  3. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    I'm with them because I have no choice with my agency. I don't like it. They take off £8 at least before they even start paying me. I will only work for that agency if I get at least a full days work in a week.
    I wouldn't reccomend it
  4. My agency wanted me to sign up with Key, but I was quite keen not to. I was then told that they would be less inclined to give me work, as it would cost the agency more. If you join Key, Key employ (pay) you, you pay all of the National Insurance contributions and they appear to charge you some sort of admin fee. Whereas, if you don't join Key, the agency pay you and their own National Insurance contribution. My agency appear to have followed up their threat as I only get 1 or 2 days a week and get paid less than if I had join with Key (but it could just be that I'm unlucky when it comes to getting work!).

    Really sorry if I have written some unclear waffle!
  5. Hey,
    I worked for them for 6 months, they were great! I was paid double what I am now as a school contracted teacher.
    I travelled 100 miles a day, so the benefits of claiming expenses was fab.
    I was in 1 school for those 6 months as PPA teacher, then the school took me on from September. So I'd recommend them!
  6. I'm with Key through my agency and have had no problems. It makes life easier for me as I would have no idea how to start doing my own taxes etc, so I don't mind paying the admin fee. I think its actually the agency who take an admin fee rather than Key.
    I work in London so travel is expensive on public transport (feel sorry for whoever is doing 100 miles a day, that must be a nightmare!). They completely reimburse any travel expenses (which the other agency I've just started with don't seem to which is annoying). I also get to claim the early start, lunch and until recently the late working allowance. This actually bumps up my pay and is usually more than anything which is deducted for tax and national insurance.
    The payslips are clear and easy to understand (unlike my other agency whose payslips don't make any sense or even tell me what my net pay is!). They have a dedicated team who process them so you can always contact them if you have a query. They have helped me with queries over NI, student loan repayments and maternity benefits. The expense sheets are also easy to fill out.
    They even text me on Thurs to tell me how much I am being paid, and email you the payslip every Fri. There is even an online facility to access your payslips.
    They really seem very organised to me, I have had good experiences and would recommend them. They make life a lot easier to why not. Hope this helps.

  7. I agree with blossomgirl.
    I have worked with Key Portfolio for the past month, and have had no problems with them.
    My agency pay me a £9 supplement so at the moment paying the admin fee hasn't been an issue.
    I use public transport so being able to claim back bus fares etc is a real help, if I work a full day then I'll claim the 5 hour meal allowance also. My other agency doesn't allow me to do this so some days 10% of my earnings go on travel expenses, I know who I'd rather have the money.
  8. Whilst you are at it, get some red diesel for your car. You probably won't get caught but if you do, well..... you will pay.

    It's just the same as this. Via this structure you are evading tax which you can look at the mechanism of in the IR35 legislation. As you are small time, you probably won't get caught. But if they do reduce the size of their sieve as a part of the austerity belt tightening. It will be up TO YOU to prove you have not evaded the tax. If you can't, they will slap a figure on you and pleading poverty isn't enough. They will rape you. That's the difference between self employed and employed. The boss takes the hit, which in this case would be you. Agencies are quite happy for you to use this structure, but looking at the small print and the legalese, it will be you running the gauntlet.

    If you are going to play "run the gauntlet" then do red diesel, brew your own spirits, sell a bit of gange. You probably won't get caught, but remember, for every bit of tax you evade, Osborne kills a kitten <
  9. Stuart, what on earth are you going on about?!
    My pay is all processed through Key (I only do about 40 miles a week) and I don't pay tax on 43p per mile travelled, and the &pound;5 for lunch consumed while working (and believe me it is during work! So much for a lunch break!)
    This is well within the limits of the law.
    I am about &pound;10 better off per week, and on this sort of money, it's &pound;10 not to be sniffed at!
  10. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    Obviously the payslip isn't that clear and easy for you to understand....they don't reimburse you your travel and food costs. They take these off your days pay then take off NI and TAX then add them back. You are still paying them yourself, you just don't pay TAX on them.
  11. I have just received my pay for the month, and even though I specifically asked not to change from PAYE to the umbrella company, and they agreed, I have been paid this way.

    I am really annoyed. I have lost out on £78 for the month. Because I didn't know I was going to be paid by the umbrella company, I have not claimed any expenses, nor would I due to the fact that I am already self employed outside of supply teaching.

    I have left it with my consultant to sort out, and he says he will, but I am concerned that I am losing approximately £10 a day on an already very low daily rate. I am a self employed personal trainer outside of teaching, so already pay my own NI contributions, offset travel etc against tax, so am livid the umbrella company have completely ignored my request and lied to me.

    I am extremely happy with my agency apart from this, and they get me 99% of my work, so threatening to leave them is not really an option.

    How can they change my pay without my consent? In fact, how can they change my pay when I asked them not to, and they agreed with me????
  12. Turns out they have paid me through the umbrella co. but just normal PAYE. The deductions are £50 tax, but seeing as I am a good few thousand off the personal limit, and my tax code is exactly what I would expect it to be, it's a mystery.

    Anyone know why I should pay tax if I've only earnt a couple of thousand this tax year and I'm not on emergency tax?
  13. edulou

    edulou New commenter

    ANYONE who is a supply teacher thinking of joining an Umbrella company or claiming expenses READ THIS FIRST. It is not legal and you may be liable for unpaid tax!


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