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key Educational Issues for pgce interview

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by tazzag, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    In need of some advise for what are the key educational issues? As this could be one of the questons i will asked in the PGCE interview, what are the major issues? and what would be a good responce to these questions, any help very much appreciated thankyou.
  2. the possible removing of Art from the national curriculum (negatives and possible positives), the cuts in art, craft and design PGCE places for the third year running. a nation without pupils educated in the arts, the use of ICT in art, craft and design, boys falling behind girls in art GCSE results and lack of boys doing GCSE art and design compared to girls, what Craft is being taught in the classroom? what is craft in the school curriculum, look on the NSEAD website, try to look at Ijade (international journal of art and design educators), read Drawing Together: art, craft and design in schools, published by Ofstead, the use of contemporary art in the classroom, the use impact and use of museums and galleries in schools. there are a number of issues around! p.s I'm in the middle of art, craft and design PGCE so I'm currently researching many of these for my next assignment
  3. wow, thankyou so much you def know your stuff.

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