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Kevin MCCloud's Call of the Wild - could you, would you, should you??

Discussion in 'Personal' started by PlymouthMaid, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Have any of you caught this programme recently? It is on Channel 4 OD I think. I have only seen two so far ... one a young family living in the shadow of a rather active volcano and one where they were thriving in the Belizian rainforest along with snakes, scorpions et al. On one level it all seemed kind of idyllic but the thing that has stayed in my mind is the risks they seemed to be taking with their young children who were far from medical help if needed and surrounded by very different dangers to the UK although it seemed the 8 year old girls were a dab hand at killing snakes.

    However, they had a wonderful life and the kids were confident, skilled and articulate. The parents were quite amazing people on many levels but the whole thing has made me think about the issues. I love the idea but I don;t think I could handle a life like that - partly the relative isolation and partly the struggle to survive. Also I envision problems if ever the children wish to rejoin the developed world and maybe get a regular job but then I think, so what, maybe they won't. Given the current state of the world they may well have the right idea.

    Thoughts anybody?
  2. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Not many people can for various reasons. It is just "escape to the country" for the more barmy/adventuous.
  3. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    It s similar to that guy from Dorset who visited folks in various parts of the world living in strange place

    I like programmes like that and when younger would have happily lived in similar ways...now im old i cant be bothered.
  4. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    I think it might be fun for the children for a couple of years but seriously restricts their life choices - education, relationships with other people, career prospects - what about these?

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