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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by HelenWickes, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm moving to a new school in September which uses Kerboodle for GCSE and A level Spanish. I've never used this scheme before and wondered what other teachers make of it.
  2. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    We use it for A-level (I teach French) and it's very good. My Y13 didn't like it as much as when they were in Y12 as some of the listenings and readings were getting quite complicated and not entirely relevant for the exams. They're not very good at independent learning so I had to tell them to write down the vocab they encountered in the exercises. It's particularly good if you have the use of a computer suite, but if not, you can set homework on it. I like the grammar resources, they're clear and give good progression/revision whilst being anchored in the subject taught.
  3. Thanks Noemie, I'm planning to review it over the Summer so that I can hit the floor running in September, but "the road to hell....." as they say! Have a good break
  4. I thought that the exam revision resorces were very helpful especially the essay stuff and the oral card examples of which there was precious little last year.

  5. Thanks Redpens. Do you remember you sent me loads of helpful stuff about planning a trip to Paris a while ago? The trip went really well, in no small part to the very comprehensive information you shared regarding "dos and don'ts of planning a trip". I can't thank you enough. I followed all the guidelines, even down to providing maps of Paris for trip helpers. You gave me a lot of confidence to finish what i had (perhaps foolishly started!!). Have a fantastic summer
  6. Hi Helen

    We have also just come back from our French trip with our first ever day in Paris - it also went really well and although we might tweak it a bit next year I was delighted with the outcome. Even with all my years of doing trips behind me I was still a bit nervous about doing Paris. Glad your's went well too!
  7. With regard to the suggested speaking/ writing assessment questions and model plans given in the book ,the publishers are at pains to emphasizes that "you cannot use them as your own controlled assessments and submit to AQA although the tasks you complete and submit may be similar" has anyone used or adapted the model tasks? How similar was your task. It is always so difficult when a text book helps with a plan of what to write/speak you want to use it.
  8. We are not doing AQA GCSE but I do know that when you have to "refresh" a task every two years with Edexcel it is sufficient to change one bulletpoint!
  9. Hi Helen
    When I went on a course we were told that we could swap the term "sending an email" to "writing a blog" so that the wording is not identical (they did say you could get away with changing just one word in the title - crazy, I know!) so that's what we do.
    We use the textbook for preparation and the students then do their homeworks based on the textbook and then we change the examples ever so slightly so that the work they have already done is not wasted and they then get to decide what they do and dont use
  10. Hi Pogo/ Redpens, thanks for that. I'm going to be running a condensed course (GCSE from zero in 2yrs) so I would like to take advantage of as much help/ preparation as I can from the book. Have a great Summer

  11. We have just bought Tricolore Total 4 textbooks and Kerboodle for use with Year 10. Hopefully the Kerboodle will help to sustain interest!

  12. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    I am rather lukewarm about AS French Kerboodle. I find the exercises too easy on the the whole. The grammar worksheets lack examples. The few video resources are a bit laughable because the voices are re-dubbed. I just think it could be a lot better. It can still evolve given the subscription model and nature of the product.
  13. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Really? Our Y12s achieve rather highly in the reading and listening components and I always put it down to the kerboodle model. I do study grammar points separately with them as well (I like the Elan grammar book) but overall I quite like it. At A2, however, there are some issues and I don't use it as much. By that stage, they can cope quite well with normal speed videos and documentaries anyway.

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