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kensuke's kingdom planning

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Dan George, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Does anybody have any Yr 6 kensuke's kingdom planning i can have a look at? Many Thanks
  2. Does anybody have any Yr 6 kensuke's kingdom planning i can have a look at? Many Thanks
  3. sara2007

    sara2007 New commenter

    Kensukes Kingsdom is a bridging unit so you should find it on the standards site - I have a SMART notebook / PowerPoint of activities and various other resources if you are interested.


  4. Do you have two log ins? If not can Dan George leave his email address and I'll email you some stuff I have.
  5. sara2007

    sara2007 New commenter

    You have mail! It's a large file (13mb) so I hope you get it ok! ;o)
  6. sara2007

    sara2007 New commenter

    You have mail hippychick! ;o)
  7. Try www.teachit.co.uk Click on Resource Libraries then Primary. You should find a study pack with info for each chapter. I haven't used it but used the pack for Tyke Tiler which was really useful!
  8. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

  9. sara2007

    sara2007 New commenter

    You have mail sarahjane1! Hope you find it useful - have had to sent the stuff in 2 parts coz of the size...if you need the PowerPoint rather than the SMART notebook, just let me know ;o)
  10. Thanks so much....
  11. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  12. sara2007

    sara2007 New commenter

    No problem at all..glad to help! :eek:)
  13. The teachit resources are quite good. I'm doing it with a Y5/6 class but think it's all very adaptable. Does someone have a powerpoint on it?

  14. Any chance i could have a copy please- having a royal nightmare iwth significant authors unit. Email is: becky.france7@ntlworld.com
  15. If you still have you smart board stuff on kensuke's kingdom, please could you send me a copy[​IMG] email is jackfan37@hotmail.com
    Many thanks
  16. Hi Sara I am trying to find resources for Kensukes Kingdom.
    Could I get a copy of what you ahve please?
    Many thanks


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