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Kelly Manchester...same old same old?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by rrory, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Just had a phone call from a consultant who said they had work for me if I register and pay for yet another CRB.
    Presumably this is a load of twaddle?
  2. Just had a phone call from a consultant who said they had work for me if I register and pay for yet another CRB.
    Presumably this is a load of twaddle?
  3. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Well, as a test of goodwill, you could ask them to pay for the CRB and take it out of your first pay :)
  4. Hi, I have only 1 CRB. I have been informed that a CRB is transferable through different agencies( I work for two.). You only need the one copy to show the school your working at. However for some reason a CRB obtained through a school direct is only valid in that school. Does not make sense to me but there you go.[​IMG]
  5. Having paid for many CRB checks, I have tried the line 'find me work and I will pay you back', but no agency has fallen for it. Most agencies claim that they have to have their own CRB done, or, another variation on the theme, 'it is not us but the schools, which will not take any teacher without a fresh CRB check'. I also find it strange that, even though I have paid for the CRB checks, I have only ever received a copy of one of them: surely, if I have paid for it, it is mine.
    CRBs are getting ridiculous. Agencies and schools are now claiming that they only last 3 months: even if you have been teaching for one agency or school, if you go to another later than 3 months afterwards, another CRB check is required.
    Last week, I actually got a day on supply. However, when I submitted my time sheet, I was told that payment would be held up as my CRB check, which was issued in October last year, was now out of date. Not only that, but I would have to pay for yet another one to cover me for the day.
    Apparently, it is 'illegal' to work in a school withut a current CRB check, but surely this does not mean such a check only lasts 3 months. Looking at the small print on the CRB check certificate, it does not seem to say anything about how long it is valid.
  6. If you have a break in service of 3 months or more (ie you do not do any supply work in schools for a period of 3 months) any CRB Disclosure you have will be deemed to be useless and a new one is required. This will be the same if you are working directly for a school, through a local authority or for an agency.
  7. I appreciate that, fusey. However, many schools and agencies interpret this 'rule' more strictly. You can be teaching in one school, or working for an agency today, then be offered work from another school or agency tomorrow, these latter will then want a new CRB as you had not been working for them, in the last 3 months, not that you had not been teaching at all in the last 3 months

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