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keeping warm theme - need craft ideas!!!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by sallyprice07, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi I am currently working in a special needs school with a class of 6 ASD children. I am doing keeping warm theme with them for science but I am running out of ideas as they are mainly craft based activties. I have already done different clothes and dressing a person with different warm clothes; touched on animals and we are now in the process of creating a fire. Any ideas/advice would be great thanks.
  2. Ibuzzybea

    Ibuzzybea Occasional commenter

    What level of ability and why craft for science? Just so we can add sensible ideas, i've a few
  3. They are low ability, all boys, not much language/communication. Suppose it does not have to be craft (have just started working with this class and this is what the previous teacher advised) but it would have to be something simple and easy for them to engage in.
  4. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

    Hi there - I put together my simplified resources for work on Antarctica (for a lad with MLD in mainstream) and discovered a good site where you might find your lads can do the 'dress the explorer' online activity: http://www.discoveringantarctica.org.uk/multimedia/flash/5_whatnot.html
    If we have more freezing nights perhaps you could also try setting up some shallow dishes of water or something and wrapping them in different materials like foil, bubblewrap... and inspecting them for differences.

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