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Keeping Students Engaged

Discussion in 'History' started by zenmonkey, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. zenmonkey

    zenmonkey New commenter

    Hello ..... not a history teacher but a drama teacher who in a previous life worked in museums as an interpreter (Ie of history) So unsurprisingly going to suggest a number of drama techniques
    "mantle of the expert" (Dorothy hethcote) put students in role as experts, say someone has invented a time machine a commitee to decide where to go and when to find out what, what could muck things up, like time paradox. once built time machine all childs contribution in egg boxes and glue but with built in strobe and sound effects
    on a simpler level in the museums we used to talk about "Hooks" when interacting with the public
    open ended questions which required a response "have you seen Jenny my daughter ?" irate father lost child in chaos of victorian emigration, or irate because food for journey has been stolen which starts the conversation about why you need food e.t.c
    talk to your drama teacher maybe you can set up a joint project cross curricular (depends on their views of course) but a situation where you prep the students with info so they can role play effectively in drama may enthuse....just some thoughts regards zenmonkey

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