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Keeping on top of marking - ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by snowcloud, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Any help and ideas welcome
  2. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Any help and ideas welcome
  3. Don't set any work that needs marking! ;) I find the only way to keep on top of the marking at the top of KS2 is to spend my lunchtime doing it.
  4. Make some peer marking sticker sheets, eg using two stars and a wish, and encourage peer marking aginst success criteria.

    Or some self evaluation stickers ..... what I did well, what I need to improve - evaluate against success criteria.
  5. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    This is always going to be a problem. Most children (and parents? and the SMT?) will only consider that a piece of work has been "properly marked" when you, the teacher, have read it, corrected it, given it some kind of mark or grade and then written some comments at the bottom. Of course you can usually just get away with some ticks and crosses, plus a mark out of whatever it is, when you are marking some Mathematics.
    When I asked my class about "peer marking", they all agreed that it was a bad idea, "unfair" and "not real marking".
    I think that the only real solution to the problem is to make sure that the children do not do too much written work, so that you do have a chance to keep on top of the marking. Instead of giving the children some written work that will have to be marked, what about doing a class play, some quizzes, an educational game, or something worthwhile and relevant from Teachers' TV? I am also a great fan of Peter Watcyn-Jones's "Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers".
  6. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Mark for ahlf of lunchtime - before you eat, if you can manage it. Good luck.
  7. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    When I ask my class about doing homework, they all agree that it's a bad idea, unfair, and "not real work"...
    Unluckily for them, I see it as my job to teach them to get better at things - including peer assessment - rather than just do as they wish.
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Just what I thought was in the job remit too!
  9. dc521

    dc521 New commenter

    These are the ways that I mark that seem to reduce the workload:
    I know the school marking policy and codes we use inside out. That means I can use them quickly to comment on what is in the books.
    I mark strictly to the objective.
    I mark sets of books. You tend to find that comments 'flow' for different abilities of children.
    End of unit writing has a self assessment sheet (genre features checklist).
    Common spelling errors picked up.
    Also, I try to make sure that some work in a standard week is not written in books.
  10. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Have never managed this, I need this time to set up lessons, prep resources for afternoons lessons.
    As others have mentioned reduce the amount of written work children produce.
  11. Unless you work in a school where the greater the volume of written work produced equals the greatest understanding of the children and the more brilliant the teacher.
  12. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Ask the kids to traffic light their work. Collect their books according to their traffic lighting. Green first etc. Orange next. Any red last. Have a quick word with the orange/red kids about what they've done as they bring you their books and get them to tell you why. The books that need most attention will usually be the kids that struggled. Their books will be on the top to be marked first, when you are getting markers-fatigue then the books lower down the pile are the kids that got on well and are easier to mark.
    Clip a red pen to your pocket/jumper neckline etc so it is always to hand. In lessons as you go around checking how they are getting on, or as you are sitting working with a group mark as much as you can.
    Collect the books open at the page they need marking and leave them in a conspicuous place so they don't get put away in a drawer and forgotten. When books are marked then they can go away in whatever box/drawer you keep them in. Any of the books that you have marked as you went along can go straight away properly, leaving you a less daunting sized pile to mark.
    Have some stickers/stampers at hand to easily slap on their work as you go.
    Do some of the morning marking at lunchtime.
    If you are doing group activities, like placemat activities, then mark the group piece of work before you photocopy the work for their books.

  13. Reducing the amount of written work would be brilliant; but what about when you're under pressure to be 'accountable' for progress and to have APP evidence from across a range of pieces of work for each child? [​IMG]
  14. I like the idea of trying to keep a green pen about my person. I think I would be delighted to open another book only to find it's already been marked.
    I trained in upper KS2 and made a huge deal of peer-/self-assessment, and not only cos it made my life easier! I think they're good skills. Now I teach Y3, they are hopeless at it! I understand it's cos they were never asked to do it in KS1 and they're not going to get good at it unless I teach them, but am unsure how to. They all absolutely refuse to admit anything that they would improve in the future, etc because they think admitting you have things to learn = you're a thicko. I've tried to talk them out of this, talking about what a fabulous learning skill it is to be able to reflect and always try to improve yourself, highlighting all the times I learn things with them, etc. And when they peer-assess, they can only ever think of irrevelancies lol "It was good" / "It was funny" / "I liked it" lol, even when I try to repeatedly bash them round the head with the LO...
  15. loodle1

    loodle1 Occasional commenter

    eek...a green pen surely?[​IMG]


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