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Keeping in Touch Days

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by beckya1990, May 19, 2019.

  1. beckya1990

    beckya1990 New commenter

    Hi there,
    I am a mum of two and currently a part time teacher (since having my first). I did KIT days with no problem after my daughter and have done a couple this maternity (my son is 7months) but the other day the ‘money lady’ in school (as I like to call her) mentioned that I am contracted and paid for three inset days as part of my salary. I have just been paid a KIT day for an inset and now feel a bit paranoid about whether she was telling me so I know or whether it was to imply I shouldn’t have been paid for it. Surely whilst off on maternity any day I do (agreed with head teacher) are KIT days and I should not be made to do inset days unpaid? Sorry to ramble and hope this makes sense. Thanks x
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Any work you do during maternity leave is a KIT day. No argument. They can say they won't pay you for them, but in that case you don't have to do it. (In fact, you don't have to do it if they do offer to pay you.) As we are now after the event, and you were clearly under the impression you would be paid until after the event, it's too late for them to say now they won't pay.

    As for "three inset days as part of your salary", if you are under the usual STPCD, that's not how it works, even when you are at work. If you are employed to work M/T/W, you work those days of the week, whether they are teaching or inset. If the school puts all their inset on the same day of the week, that means you might do proportionally more or less inset, but the number of teaching and inset days together should be correct. Some schools try and claim you have to do 3 inset days, but if there aren't three on your working days, you'll be teaching proportionally more. Likewise it's pot-luck if the proportion of inset days that you miss due to maternity leave is exactly right. And if they disaggregate an inset day and replace it with twilights, that's their problem. (If they disaggregate a day which will fall in maternity leave and replace with twilights not in your maternity leave period, I think you could argue not attending, as you will be on maternity pay - or lack of it - for the day in question.)

    So, I think you are clearly entitled to that KIT pay. And if you are under STPCD and your contract doesn't say anything specific about inset days, I would mention to your union rep at some point that the money lady may be misinformed about the rules on inset days for part-timers. They might be able to ensure she has the correct information.

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