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keeping in the loop with vacancies whilst on maternity leave

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by missjones21, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. missjones21

    missjones21 New commenter

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this but here goes!
    I'm a qualified teacher (this is my 4th year since finishing uni) and took up a teaching assistant post at a local school in september 2010 as i was unable to find a teaching post. I started maternity leave end of January 2012 and don't intend on going back until january 2013, if at all.
    Due to my local council only paying assistants term time only, the wages are pretty poor, and if i worked part time as a teacher i would be earning the same, that combined with childcare costs i'm not sure if it would be cost effective. Any how, the school is having a new headteacher starting after the easter holidays and she will be part time teaching in the afternoons and in the office in the mornings.
    There may be a possibility in september she will be a full time headteacher which means the ppa teaching she will do will be available. I was going to write a letter to say that even though i am currently on maternity i would like to be considered for any part time posts that arise as due to my new situation of being a mummy that this would suit me better, and if any did arise i would conside returning to work early. I have only met the new head once, and don't want to be out of the picture if positions do arise, as there is a girl who does supply and i dont want her pipping me to the post!
    Is there anything that anyone could suggest as to what else i could put in the letter, or any ideas on how to word it?
  2. I would go in and see her. Go in as a relaxed 'oh, I'm just popping in to show everyone baby.' I did this with my head just so I could stay in the loop. I wanted to change area of responsibility and had heard a possiblity that the post of EYFS Manager was going to come up. This was going to be so much better for me with a baby as opposed to KS2 Phase Leader! Just chat through your circumstances and that you would like to progress with your career blah blah blah. I'm sure she would prefer to have a regular member of staff taking on the PPA cover than an unknown or someone who does occasional supply. Could you take advantage of some KIT days and go into school to show eagerness? You can take up to 10 days paid days that won't affect your SMP.
    Hope that helps.

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