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Keeping Healthy Ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by natd84, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    After Easter I am planning a keeping healthy topic for my Nursery class; we are focussing more on some of the people who help us to keep healthy rather than what we can do to keep healthy as we are doing the Olympics after half term.
    Our role play to start off with will be the opticians then will go on to doctors, dentist etc ~ any ideas will be great!
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Ive had a fitness centre role play which has always been fun. We had swimsuits and leotards and labelled boxes for storing shoes etc. Good for dressing and managing getting changed. We made dumbells with construction sets, and made a stepping area with bricks. Membership cards and registration forms to fill in name, age, address. They love filling in forms. Lots of counting reps and counting sets of ten.Star jumps etc. Do they get out of breath? Feel their heart beating? I had an old tv/video and played a fitness video. Im smiling at the memory of the concentration on their faces as they tried to copy. Must do it again soon!
  3. This sounds brilliant thank you!!
  4. Young children absolutely love fitness regimes. After a carpet session I send my 5 yo chn for a run around a designated area, then have a drink of water and back to the carpet. i am in Australia, and find this easy re weather issues. However I did use this technique 20 yrs ago with some very boisterous chn in London to settle them down for the morning. They loved it; I loved it because if the chn ran fast enough they were out of breath long enough for me to get a word in!! Also very good, health-wise, for endorphins.

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