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Keep getting cover for as a 'Cover supervisor' even thought I'm a qualified teacher!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mickey23, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Actually the ideas as stated above come from industry (to be accurate Chris Yapp, ICL) and were promulgated by the CTCs under Sir Cyril Taylor) from CYs original proposals. And these proposals were originated at the time the conservative government was in power.
    A great fan of such proposals was the former Principal of Beauchamp College.
  2. Absolutely!
    A divided profession needs more unity and persistent optimism.
    Stuart dann's observations are not entirely correct.
    We as high quality, fully registered and experienced supply teachers must be totally resilient to the usual crooked thinking and dimwit, smug complaceny from hypocritical contracted teacher colleagues as well as those fed with the utter nonsense that unqualified staff should be used as cover "teachers"!
    Protest and persistence in fighting for employment justice, fairness and the educational rights of all children to being taught by properly qualified teachers CAN NEVER EVER BE FUTILE!!!!

  3. Rubbish! It was B. F. Skinner, the debunked American behavioural psychologist who first proposed that "computers" should "teach" children in the 60s...remeber the "teacher machines"???
    The bovine scat spouting TB did not acknowledge the limitations of BF's methods

  4. Debunked or not, we now have ICT classes sitting in front of VLEs and supervised only by a TA. It can happen with other subjects if the 'experts' say so.
  5. What is it about "the ideas as stated" (eg, the proposal to have each pupil assigned to a computer with TAs assisting etc) that you fail to understand?
    IF the comment had been about "teaching machines" (mechanical devices at the time of BF Skinner, around 1961) far removed from the sophisticated computers that have been proposed in the "ideas as stated", then fair enough. But it wasn't was it?
    And the machines around during the time of the proposals of Yapp are antiquated, limited and far less flexible than those available today. But his ideas were taken seriously at the time and are being taken seriously now if parts of the wrold. I understand there are those in state goverment in Florida who are exploring such ideas, as we speak.

    As I said, the ideas (as stated) predate Tony Blair, and were promulgated by senior "educationalists" during the time of the conservative government.
    If you must comment at all,could it be done with accuracy?
  6. A quote about such ideas, from a report into schooling in Florida (and Rick Scott in particular).
    Even so, Scott appears ready to liberate public school parents to take their money anywhere they like, especially to online schools—a new cause célèbre for Jeb Bush, who recently launched an advocacy project called Digital Learning Now! to lobby against barriers to online public schools.
    One of the hallmarks of Scott's education reform plan is the idea that many kids don't need to go to school at all; they can learn everything they need to in virtual classrooms. Online schools offer many cost-saving advantages, but unfortunately many of them are so bad that even the military won't take people who graduate from them. Online schools also seem even more vulnerable to fraud than regular old charter schools."

    "Online schools" hey? What next?
  7. I have experience of "online schooling" in W Australia. I gather it works pretty well.

    I'll put my tin foil hat on now and start banging on about things I thought years ago.

    The ICT in everything has been around for a long time but I've really noticed the growth of interactive whiteboards in the last few years. I'm pretty old school and my take on teaching science mixes elements of all eras, but has an emphasis on practical investigation. A heavy emphasis. I've noted how things have been progressing and how schemes of work/courses are more and more prescribed until actually, the amount of "teacher input" has become less.

    I remember working under a very effective HOD in Cornwall who was pretty much an "odious robot" and he arrogantly in a Blair Style exclaimed the merits of the "navy way". "We are not teachers, we are learning facilitators" The old role of a thinking, creative teacher was gone and we must merely put our faith in the good think which comes from the establisment in the form of ever more effective courses

    .........like 21st Century Science. I've was involved in the development of this watered down drivel and have attempted to teach it (a fair time without a laptop) which is was virtually impossible to achieve without the ICT whiteboard accompaniment. I had a chat with the HOD about this and said "this is pretty much, utter rubbish" and he said "Well, it has been decided they are to do this, just follow the scheme and do what it says". I did what I was told and "ran it". I was under the impression that anyone could have "run it". The particular area I am thinking of could have been run by anyone who knew when to press the "enter" key.

    I remember laughing and saying "well, all you'd really need is a really good CD ROM with virtual experiments and a load of learning sheets and if you had a bouncer to keep things under control, it would be job done!

    Now, even I am not mad enough to suggest that this gradual creep towards specified materials and whiteboard led learning-facilitation is a conspiracy to replace all the trained, thinking teachers with crowd control operatives in the name of saving cash!

    I went to one of the best training colleges in the country and their course was A1, however, I was reminded by all at all times to not think myself, just to apply the ******** like a good little robot. Particularly with course (teaching) materials and ICT goodthink.

    It wasn't a view which was widely accepted, apart from some other cynical ***

    21st Century Science makes science difficult and non-sequential for the bright, however, it's sure fire methods ensure that even the spackers get better grades....It's all about grades, sod learning and understanding. PIECES OF PAPER, THAT'S WHAT IT'S ABOUT!!!!!! lol
  8. I confess I have done the odd hour of CS work for a particular school round here that is just round the corner, and only when it is apparent there will be no regular supply teaching that day. Sometimes £15 is better than nothing.
    One day in the grand subject lottery I got my own subject - Music. I was required to actually use my subject knowledge as the pupils were asking questions that a non-specialist would be unlikely to be able to answer. I was also able to enliven the lesson using my piano playing ability.
    On the way out I mentioned to the lady in the office (who coincidentally I used to go to school with) how nice it had been to 'teach' my own subject for once.
    Some days later I got a call. The school wanted a Music specialist and they had asked for me.
    "Great," I thought. This is why I had done those hours of CS work - to get my face known - maybe I would actually get some more work in my subject area as a teacher with them.
    So in I went and did my day - all went well, I had a good day, kids were good and I got paid as a teacher.
    A week or so after that my agency rang me up. The school had asked for me again. Teaching Music for a day. But they would only pay me as a CS!!!!!!!
    Even the agency woman was shame-faced and said they were being 'naughty'. I was appalled!! I said "Ring them back and tell them I will come - if they pay me as a teacher." She said she would and she would get back to me.
    Guess what - I never got that phone call.
  9. I have been offered CS work on several occasions by my agency (more than they have actual Supply work, in fact), although I have told them that I don't want to do it. I agree with the majority of posters that it is the thin end of the wedge. I know of a qualified teacher with many years experience who has given up supply to do a Full time CS job as she needs to pay bills. I understand why people are driven to do such things but she told me that all of the people interviewed for the job were qualified teachers. This really worries me. The school gets a cut-price teacher in effect. What will happen in the future is a cause of real concern.
  10. The "profession" is now completely broken and corrupted by those who had the power to say NO i.e. the headteachers (particularly of primary schools) many stupidly boasting of making cost savings by employing TAs as teachers.
    Totally unacceptable and morally wrong!
    Even in secondaries we are witnessing armies of salaried TAs, CSs, LSAs etc bluffing their way by "teaching" whole classes being endorsed by heads who one would expect to know much better! Pupils need properly qualified and trained teachers. No ifs no buts!!!
    Demeaning, devaluing and utterly hypocritical employment practice when there are properly qualified NQTs out there desperate for a job!
    Check out PARENTS OUTLOUD website for a glimmer of parental revolt!
  11. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Pedigree I totally agree with what you say and I can predict that sooner or later permanent teachers will start to go, especially with the move to academic status for many schools, then we will can all say with an heavy heart "we supply teachers warned you of the danger of the use of unqualified and you did nothing, so you signed your own redudancy notice".
    That is why we need to raise as much interest in the April 11th march as possible and get groups like Parents Outloud on board.
  12. Thanks for your steadfastness, integrity and like me have an absolutely unshakeable stance on this most important of issues. There are so many that have given in to all the crooked thinking and have become corrupted by what they now see as "normal" practice...!
    Everyday I work as a supply teacher, I'm performanced managed against armies of TAs, CSs etc but as I'm still getting work i must be!!!!!!!!
    But it can be demoralising to be "performanced managed" by the unqualified...completely perverse.
  13. Thanks. I can only weep at the dishonesty of the feedback. So utterly sad...
    Truly all seems lost if one has to listen to this again and again.[​IMG]
    Is it any wonder that so many (i.e. qualified and fully registered teachers) are now completely demoralised, depressed with the kinds of attitudes, blatant lies, ridiculous and unjustified beliefs that have no foundation etc etc...when and how will it all end. A never ending nightmare of dishonest teacher recruitment!


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