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Keep getting cover for as a 'Cover supervisor' even thought I'm a qualified teacher!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mickey23, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. would you normally only accept a supply job in your area of expertise?
  2. Why as a fully qualified, registered and experienced supply teacher are you so UTTERLY STUPID to accept work as a "cover supervisor", a highly suspect, dubious and undermining role in schools Why have you allowed yourself to be duped/hoodwinked into accepting work like this?
    Do you realise that you have let yourself and the teaching profession down and have played right into the hands of a bullying and corrupt school and agency?
    But are you actually graduate qualified and registered or simply stupid?

  3. vuvuzela

    vuvuzela Occasional commenter

    It's also surprising, and worrying, how many graduates are still going in for PGCEs when all they'll have to look forward to when they come out of the grinder at the other end, is intense competition for the few teaching jobs still available, and the choice of working as a 'cover supervisor', if they want to pursue a career in education. This is a blatant scam, obviously going ahead with the government's unspoken blessing. It's a way of qualified teachers in front of classes on the cheap, and it costs the trainees dearly. Is this topic banned on the student and prospective teacher forums? Don't these poor saps realise what the current reality is?
  4. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Give the poster a bit of leeway! Bills, debts and determination to put food on the table for one's family, do change attitudes.
  5. gh38

    gh38 New commenter

    can i get your opinion on my situation please? I would really appreciate some experienced advice! Apologies for teh waffle....
    I am currently working on a maternity cover which is due to end October half term. THere is another maternity cover in the school available from January - which I have been offered however, this means there is a half term between the two contracts - the head is keen to keep me in the school but there are he says 'issues' with contracts. Having begun a maternity cover at the school sept 2009 appaprenty, I would effectively be in a position whereby I would end up having some employer rights if he were to continue the contract - which he is keen to avoid - therefore he wants to terminate one contract to start another but is unsure whether this can be done from one day to the next or whether there needs to be a break between the two contracts (he is supposed to be contacting HR about this).
    If he is able to keep me in the school, from what I understand he is likely to employ me in the half term interim of the mat contracts as a CS - should I accept this or would i be better off putting myself up for supply in this half term? I am unsure of what to do .... I am looking for perm positions and alternative mat covers on a daily basis - but south wales is pretty bereft of anything and I cant see that this will improve much this yr!
    Also, another question .. sorry - The mat contract which starts in jan would run to July 18th - so as I understand this would mean I would not get pay through the summer hols. Is this right? I was speaking with a colleague yesterday (I didnt really understand whta she said) she was saying that because I would be contracted on a termly basis that they would have to work out a supply rate for the final half term (as opposed to a contractural rate) because they terminate it prior to the end of teh term....? Therefore she says I would be paid in August ... but on a supply rate for the final stretch of teh contract....
    I am so confused - I really dont know what to do for the best ... I am getting married in July and need to make sure i can afford it ... this uncertainty is really starting to get to me ... I really dont want to but I am considering throwing it in all together for teh time being and doing something else so at least i know where i stand with things - financially and contractually.
    Any advice, suggestions or gneral comments very much appreciated! apologies for teh lengthiness

  6. vuvuzela - very good point about raising these issues on the student and prospective teacher forums. Quite frequently we get supply teachers coming on to the cover supervisor forum to let off steam about the way things are going. Whilst we are quite an easy-going bunch and don't mind the odd rant, unfortunately it really is a pointless exercise. We have no influence and it seems a waste of energy trying to make us feel guilty about what is happening. I have expressed sympathy for the situation many highly qualified teachers find themselves in, but I need a job and while the school is willing to employ me as a cover supervisor, I will keep my head down and do as I am told (within reason). You need to get to the people who a) make the decisions and b) are being encouraged to join an already overcrowded profession - if what many of you say is the case - I do not know as we continue to employ permanent teachers, supply teachers and cover supervisors and still appear to have difficulty recruiting enough staff who will stay long term and try to make a difference in a difficult (challenging!) school. We still have PGCE, GTP and Teach First students who all seem to be extremely high calibre candidates, eager to join the teaching profession. Perhaps London and its suburbs are cushioned from the national trend.
  7. It's Satruday evening and I've had a couple of pints - but didn't the OP NOT go for the CS job in the end?
  8. Yes, despite your 2 pints of alcohol you are correct and succinct - as is Lara. In my humble opinion.[​IMG]

  9. vuvuzela

    vuvuzela Occasional commenter

    I agree with you entirely about the situation not being the fault of cover supervisors. You saw a job advertised and you applied for it, maybe out of necessity, maybe because you wanted to, but the availablilty of such jobs is not the fault of the cover supervisor, but those who created the role. I agree that qualified teachers going over to your forum for a rant and a troll is a pointless exercise. However, you (not 'you' specifically) don't help yourselves any by cockily saying that you are as good as any qualified teacher, or better, as is sometimes expressed by some CSs and TAs - let's not forget them! That the situation exists in the first place is pure farce! And you can understand why teachers are reluctant to offer help to cover supervisors who are taking away the jobs of qualified teachers. I am also against Teach First and Fast Track and whetever else is now allowed in schools in place of going to do a proper PGCE like the rest of us had to. Note that hundreds of graduates are still applying for PGCEs and spending time and money training, when there are no jobs for them at the end of it. It's a scam!
    The first thing that needs to happen is the abolishing of the role of Cover Supervisor completely from schools, and all its other titles such as 'Cover Teacher' or 'Instructor' because having any of these jobs in schools means that heads will be tempted to abuse the situation, as they are so blatantly doing now. And where have all these TAs come from? I never saw a TA when I was at school. We just didn't need them. And a lot of TAs are getting ideas above their station too!
    The children have a right to be taught by a teacher. Full stop. Even fobbing a class off for 3 days - or even one day - with a cover supervisor handing out worksheets is totally unacceptable in my opinion. What is the point of even coming to school if that's all you're going to get in your classes? But of course, that isn't really the case, is it? CSs are teaching...on the cheap!
  10. Well said vuvuzela. Unfortunately the powers-that-be have been too spineless to intervene and abolish the cover supervisor role, despite the mounting evidence that countless teachers, and especially nqts, are being thrown on the scrapheap. They can't even see that using cover supervisors doesn't actually make economic sense either, as thousands of pounds are being wasted on teacher training that leads to nothing. I'm surprised, actually, that the TES hasn't taken it upon itself to warn would-be teachers not to bother.
    However, what goes around comes around. As I've commented before, when schools find that there are no longer supply teachers available for the long term posts (because they've left the profession due to imminent starvation) things will have to change. For now, burying heads in the sand is the order of the day.
  11. vuvuzela

    vuvuzela Occasional commenter

    I don't think anyioen is looking past what gets them off the hook for now. Schools are happy with their cheap 'teachers' and plenty of graduates are going in for ITT keeping the unemploymet figures down. I would like to think that it is all heading for a huge collapse, but I don't think it is. CSs have been teachingf or years and noone seems to bother. The unions don't act, and the TES is shamefully making no beans about the issue when they could be harping on it quite viciously week in, week out if they really wanted to. Oh, sure they do the odd tentative article about it, just to keep teachers happy, but in truth they are just government lackies who are afraid to tell the truth. Hang your heads in shame, staff of this rag! Wasn't there a diary that they promised to publish and then didn't?
    It will only change when people start to complain en masse, and the situation needs to be seen to get a lot worse in order for that to happen.
    It isn't just NQTs who are losing out. I posted a link a while back to an article on the TES with comments from a very experienced teacher who had to take sick leave, and got back to find that she had been replaced by an NQT and unqualified staff. Bye bye job!
    It's only a matter of time before unscupulous heads start to get rid of mainstream teachers because they cost too much. These teachers have kept quiet so far, but they should be very worried, because the use of CSs as teachers is illegal and has been allowed to happen without censure. It reminds me of this:
    First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist; Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Teaching qualifications and experience are a liability!
    But all gripes from teachers aside, the children are not getting the education they should be entitled to in a developed country!
    For shame!
  12. Be absolutely crystal clear with any employer!
    If you are a qualified teacher you cannot accept work as an unqualified member of staff.Your qualified teacher status is NON-NEGOTIABLE and if you get flattery and malign threats and bullying then ask the recruiter/smt/cover manager this simple question:
    Should I apologise to you and the nation that I am a Qualified Teacher??? [​IMG]
    ...wait for a reply and keep waiting until you get one!

  13. Be absolutely crystal clear with any educational employer!
    If you
    are a qualified teacher you cannot accept work as an unqualified member
    of staff.
    Your qualified teacher status is NON-NEGOTIABLE and if you get
    flattery and malign threats and bullying then ask the
    recruiter/smt/cover manager this simple question:
    Should I apologise to you and the nation that I am a Qualified Teacher??? [​IMG]
    ...wait for a reply and keep waiting until you get one!
  14. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    That is the problem, we can't say anything because we will get blacklisted, but we all know that CS and instructors are teaching lessons, but how can a person who is not a teacher, be allowed to teach. There are thousands of qualified history teachers looking for work, the school should by law seek to recruit a permanent teacher. It should be reported to the unions, LEA's and politicians, because the government responded to a written question on the issue from my MP, in which the minister stated that ' schools can only use instructors for a short period, while they recruit a suitably qualified teacher'. If you send me the detail of the school, I would be more then happy to include the school in a new letter I am composing in reply for my MP.
  15. To back up Historygrumps point the Secretary of State was asked about "unqualified staff" teaching in schools. The reply from an Under Secretary of State referred only to unqualified teachers taking on a teaching role; no mention was made of other unqualified staff such as CSs or TAs who teach in schools so depriving qualified teachers of opportunities to teach.
    It was as if this particular minister had never heard of other unqualified staff teaching in schools. But he cannot claim that as an excuse since I have written to him before and given him statistical information based on a survey that I have conducted.
    Since a senior minister has not disclosed full information to the House I would urge everybody to support the protest march in Westminster next April 11th to make it clear to all MPs and the public what the real situation in education is.
  16. Totally dimwitted, unacceptable and hypocritical to have unqualfied staff as cover "teachers"???????
    Why don't heads sack or get themselves sacked? Are they that indispensable????????
  17. So the natural progression must be to next have `school supervisors` when the head is off sick or out for the day. So much cheaper - but of course only when it is reasonable and a qualified head is not available........
  18. There are lots of futile things, but I think getting a load of "unemployable freaks" (which is how a lot of you are perceived by our contracted chums) together to have a big moan about **** conditions is probably the most futile.

    1. The majority of staff have their heads so far up their ar$es, they know virtually nothing about the job market, the plight of the supply teacher, or the plight of anyone who doesn't manage to jump on the wagon immediately following training.

    2. The Unions represent "Them" our employed chums and increasingly, head-bangingly on the wall, the CS and other people "we" (the second rate) see as second rate. They appear to be as ignorant and see us in a similar light to our contracted chums.

    3. Like it or not, Heads are seen by the Government, the media, LEAs, etc, etc, their staff, etc as having credibility and making the right decisions, via a vigorous and rigorous process of elimination which makes our heads credible leaders. When they say "CS and TA's are Great" people listen. The over paid losers, insert other stereotypes here are merely bitter and no-one can here them anyway....

    4. You can go on and on and on about all the other points and painting the picture from your own perspective, but the reality is that Supply is ruined beyond any sort of career choice or even stop-gap. You can only do it if you have a rich husband and don't give a toss as otherwise it's more starbucks with the other mothers....

    Protest, in the light of the status quo, is a totally and utterly pointless exercise which won't even have the hope to be a non-starter. We all know it's smashed to bits and what is going on is wrong, but that's the way it is and a few marginalised freaks moaning are not going to change that.

    It's savage that NQTs qualify and then stroll into a totally different market to the one they were told about. It's savage that when they choose supply to pay the bills, there is no work. I suppose it's a lesson in the folly of allowing yourself to be led. The training institutes are as guilty of the rest of the lot who have no *** idea about what the realities of the job market are.

    Evolution states you have to adapt, not try and adapt your environment. You are more flexible than reality, although sometimes this board makes me think otherwise.

    Please stop wasting your time. A lot of you have wasted far too much already
  19. Evolution.
    The Great One (TB) had the future of schools mapped out. His vision? Ultimately (ie withing his lifetime), all pupils at computers having lessons, with instant feedback, going at their own pace, being taught at their own level. Along the road though, classrooms would be staffed by TAs, then CSs, supervised by a few teachers who would do the planning and marking (initially, before it being delegated to the TAs/CSs).
  20. supplybychoice

    supplybychoice New commenter

    Supply teachers should stick together in these tough teams but "Desparate Dann" just likes to ridicule the efforts of others despite being a supply teacher himself. Maybe he is a closet Cover Scab on here to stir things up and take the p*ss!?

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