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Keep getting cover for as a 'Cover supervisor' even thought I'm a qualified teacher!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mickey23, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Just thought I would come on here and have a bit of a rant. I am a qualified and experienced teacher but all the supply I have had so far is as a 'cover supervisor' obviously so the school can save some cash!! I have done 3 days supply under the cover supervisor title and still found no work set etc etc so I had to use my TEACHING skills to keep the classes occupied! I am actually thinking of turning this work down now but I would probabaly end up with no work at all then!! I didnt go to university, and fork out loads of money on tuition fees to get swindled by the schools!!
    Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. I don't mean to be rude, but you're making a rod for your own back.
    You are accepting CS work as a qualified teacher - mistake 1.
    You are then teaching - mistake 2.
    You keep accepting it - mistake 3.
    Think about it - if I can get some mug to teach my kids to a good standard and only pay them half the pay, leaving the other half for the christmas bash, rather than pay full teaching rate for a teacher to teach at a good standard, guess what I'm going to do? Of course they are going to keep offering you CS work, they have you pegged as a mug. If you refuse it now, you may find they wont give you any other work for a bit in the hopes you will just give in and accept CS work - you've done it before, so why shouldn't you again being their thinking.
    If you accept it, you can't really moan about it after the event. If you are desperate for the money, tutor, work in a pub/supermarket/babysit, but accepting CS rates and then moaning about it is a bit like chopping off your writing arm with an axe and then complaining you can no longer write.
    No because I made it very very clear to my agency a) I would rather go to hell than accpet work as a CS and so b) they never even mentioned it again. I know I am lucky in that there is far too much work around down here (for every day I work, if I turn it down, I can get that twice over), but then rents are stupidly stupidly high to combat that - (about the same as my monthly wage when working full time for rent and essential house bills, for me and husband - we are in outer London). When money is tight I do tutoring as well as the supply, which quickly adds up to give us quite a bit of extra money. If need be I'd do other things as well, but there physically aren't the hours in the day.
  3. mereside

    mereside New commenter

    Have to agree with HappyPixie. Do not accept CS work if you are a teacher. Not only are you making a rod for your own back you are also destroying the supply work for the rest of us. Do not do it again.
  4. If you accept cs work, well they are hardly going to offer you general cover rates in the future.
    I took some CS work to see what it was like in November. Just the same scribbles left as when I am in on supply. So I told agency politely that I will not do it again.
    I am taking it to the limit on supply. I will JSA it now, before I will take on agency CS work.
    Some excellent staff absence at the mo round my parts. Long may schools keep stressing out their staff!

  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I've replied on another thread about my LA agency asking me on a weekly basis to take CS work, despite me making it abundantly clear that I won't do it.
    I'm on M6 pay, so CS pay is less than a third of my proper pay. I'd rather work one day a week as a teacher than do over 3 days as a CS.
    They rang me mid-morning last week offering work for the rest of the day. I accepted and they then added that it was CS work. I declined the work and rang off. They rang back and asked if I'd do it for teaching pay if the school approved it. I said that i would. They then rang the school and called me back with the go-ahead and asked for me to get there for the end of the morning break. I managed it and claimed for 3 hours work (my LA pay a full day as 5 x 1 hour lessons so I get over 31 pounds per lesson. I earned around 94 pounds instead of the original 30 pounds on offer.
    Accepting CS work also makes things more difficult for us all in the future. This is because the department for Children and Families send questionnaires to Heads every year asking them to comment on their use of Cover Supervisors. They will be focussing on this issue even more this year, the first school year of 'Rarely Cover' for permanent teachers.
    Currently, the Department reply to criticisms about CS taking classes with their evidence from the last lot of questionnaires which have Heads stating that they were happy with the service provided and that the pupils behave and learn more from the CS that they have on staff, rather than from random supply staff.
    This year, with so many qualified teachers taking CS work, Heads will end up giving a thumbs up to the service that they get as they will have logged the work as CS work.
    By using your expertise to provide a wothwhile teaching environment at schools. instaedof just doing what you are paid for (supervising) you are increasing the schools' satisfaction with a reduced-cost provision.
    Another worrying element is that my LA agency is currently advertising for long-term CS cover at a High school and state that the successful candidate should be prepared to become conversant with the NC and the syllabus in various subjects and will be expected to plan based on SOWs and to mark work!!!!
  6. the reason for my rant this morning was because the agency had rang me, wanted me to travel over 20 miles away and then casually mentioned that it was cover supervisor work at the end. I told them it was hardly worth my while for a 40 mile round trip. They then rang me back with supply teacher work and i managed to get a full day. I have also took note of your advice and told them not to contact me again with cover supervisor work!
  7. Its tough to do things when money is involved but well done. It scares me that there are supply teachers out there not communicating with others and accepting CS work thinking that this is the norm. : (
  8. well to be honest i thought it was the norm until i got my first pay packet and queried the agency. As another poster said i might as well be working in a supermarket than doing cs work. Its just so disheartening especially when teachers have worked so hard to get qualifications.
  9. LOL you are so funny. I think its coming from the top. Who invented cover supervisor? I hope you all don't rant at cover supervisors. Its what is available and we have to go with it. I used to do supply and now I do cover supervisor, first aider, invigilator, I have been primary teaching assistant, teachers' aid what else? Its just anything now really. And a word of advise for you. Please don't teacher any class and under mind the teaching profession. They really want nannies and that's what they are paying for.
  10. gud4age

    gud4age New commenter

    Mickey23, where have you been for the last few months?

    Are you joining the march on the 9th April?
  11. What should we do. Its survival?
  12. Yep I am not doing it, The idea that if we do cs work, the heads will tottle up the stats and say things are great. Well not great for us lot!
    I was talking to a supply teacher who went CS with a school. He was most miffed, as the school were still using supply. And as they knew the CS was a qualified teacher, were putting the arm up the back to take on subject work, in a very teacherlike way.
    And on top of that. He was thinking of going back into the supply game. But, the agencies will be on him like Count Dracula, when for a reference he puts in 6 months CSing.
    Once a supply teacher takes on to much CS work, well, then think of the agency and schools as Count Dracula and the teacher becomes a vampire or vampette once bitten and smitten.
    Doomed to an everlasting circle of CS rates!
    I shall stay pure for now on.
    Jobcentre Plus maybe the destiny of the pure, particularly after summer half term when year 11 go on study leave!

  13. This is UNACCEPTABLE! Value yourself more and do not accept any work or rates of pay as teaching assistant! Do not play this disrespectful game.
  14. Staying 'pure' and accepting work only as a qualified teacher is very laudable but many of us do not have that privilege. Day to day supply work has almost completely dried up in many areas and it's either accept a non-teaching role in school on much lower pay or wait around for the elusive long term post that may never materialise while you starve to death. Or, of course, get out of education altogether (which, reluctantly, I am now seriously considering). I'm kind of hoping that a change of government may make a difference to the situation (but I'm not holding my breath).
    Unfortunately I think it will take the dearth of qualified teachers in a few years time, when all the unemployed teachers have given up on the profession and jumped ship, to make people realise that the education system is in crisis and that, while everyone was busy jumping through hoops and obsessing about initiatives and targets, the real issues were being ignored.
  15. I have joined a work agency, honestly this is the warning that there is storm approaching if we dont hold fast soon it will be the norm that teachers cant get proper pay, please join us on the march in London guys, this is serious we have to stand up for our qualifications and the standards of education we want to uphold. Supply teaching needs a shake now is the time. There are so many improvements that are realisitic and achievable, TPS contribution, CPD, more LEA pools, training for supply, optional assessment, we are still teachers, we didnt give that up when we became supply, well I didn't and the teachers that are marching didnt. There are 50,000 supply teachers registered with the GTC, rarely cover was created to improve the full time teacher's role not retire the supply teacher or undermine their qualified profession. I have to try and fight.

    Sorry a rather passionate response I was just re-reading the letters from the GTC , OFSTED, DCSF and TDA that say that monitoring of the use of the cover surpevisors is nothing to with them again. I've printed them out and we're delivering them all a copy on the march, to beg the question so who is in charge? The NUT have been supportive, my MP is onboard and the press are beginning to run stories, we can make a difference if we all act together and do it now.

    Please contact me if you want more details.

  16. I don't teach in the UK anymore but I agree it is outrageous to ask qualified teachers to take on cover supervisor work. I saw this starting before I left the UK and I think it is a ridiculous state of affairs. Part of the reason the CS initiative is being so well received by schools and parents is that <u>qualified teachers</u> are in there doing this CS work out of desperation. Although I don't blame teachers for taking on CS work to make ends meet I do admire those who have taken a stand and refused to accept less than a teaching wage for doing a teaching job. The fact is that there are very few real "cover supervisors" out there, particularly on supply. What is happening is that schools are ringing agencies and requesting a cover supervisor and the agencies are under market pressure to deliver one (or the school threatens to go to another agency to source one). So the agency starts calling qualified teachers to ask them to do CS work in order to fill the role. The more teachers who refuse to do CS the the harder it will be for agencies to fill these CS roles. The agencies will then need to go back to the schools to say they can't find a CS but could deliver a regular supply teacher at the regular supply rate. The more teachers who are able to band together on this issue the better. I wish you all luck.
  17. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    I would like to hear from Supply Cover Supervisors?
    What are their experiences of going into a school where the staff and pupils do not know them.....
    1. Do the staff check that you have been trained in the basics of the job... if so did they match their school?
    2. Did the pupils ask if you were a supply teacher.... (normally if they do not know you they naturally think you are a supply teacher? What was their reaction to you being a supply cover supervisor?
    3. The cosy setup of knowing the pupils when in a permanent schools tends to lead to better behaviour. What was the behaviour like when on supply as a cover supervisor?
    4. Were you equipped to manage such poor behaviour that happens when on supply?
    5. What is the pay for a cover supervisor when on supply?
    6. How much work is there for supply cover supervisors.
    7. Do the pupils know what a cover supervisor should do compared to a supply teacher?

  18. ela86

    ela86 New commenter

    Shocking!! I really really hope qualified teachers do NOT apply for this post!
  19. Looks like the old heads are sticking to the rules (if ever there were any) me being sarcastic
    An ad like what jubilee shows. Should not only scare the mercenary supply teachers.
    Some of the Perm teachers will need to put in a good show on the old performance management deal.
    However if they are made redundant or booted out they can go back in on CS rates.
    No probs

  20. I need that web page saved asap and can you send me the link... an LEA agency... evidence please, it'll look lovely in the march dossier : )


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