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Keele uni unable to offer a place...way forward?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by steven_rogers, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Interviewed for psychology PGCE beginning of March but they were unable to offer me a place. Have recieved feedback just not sure what to do with it! Basically the interviewer felt my presentation was not engaging enough to an ordinary 16 year old (i just used powerpoint with words on the slides). I did not use the right language, content or visual stimluli. She also felt i could do with building my confidence in my psychological knowledge (i graduated in 2006).
    I was invited to apply again next year but i would need to show how i had improved on my ability to communicate psychological issues to young people. In my head its a question of delivering the message in a way that young people will understand. The interviewer showed me examples of presentations done by students on her course. These were a real eye opener, done on moviemaker using music, video with some words mixed in
    Where to go from here? Well i've started by contacting my local college and asked if i can observe them doing a psychology lesson. I already work for this college so hopefully crb won't be a problem. However i'm not sure how helpful this is going to be. Is there anything else i can do?
  2. Clarerees

    Clarerees New commenter

    Erm, Steve, not sure how helpful a comment this is going to be but........there aren't that many jobs out there for people with Psychology PGCEs, which is probably reflected in the amount of university places available. Have you thought about another subject?
    Otherwise, lesson observations are a great idea. If you gain some experience then you will not only know what you're talking about, but will find your PGCE year easier too. Perhaps, if you're now stuck looking for something to do next year you could look at teaching English abroad?

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