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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by hippy-chic, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. There are two schools advertising here and I was interested to know if anyone had any thoughts/views on this as a country to live in? Good and bad

  2. Not had any experience of it - quite a lot of oil so perhaps there is a large expat community there?
  3. What is expensive? The housing, day to day living? I Am surprised that costs would high but if it is oil then understandable.

    As a package what would you look for?
  4. Most things. Supermarkets are very expensive as is the Market, even fruit and veg. rent 1500 -2000 us for an ex soviet flat. Gym membership: expensive. Clubs: expensive. Eating out is a mixed bag, depends where you go. If you drive, you have foreigner plates so the bribes to the police can build up and be expensive. Internet : expensive. Flights in and out are also expensive. School fees: expensive. A driver will cost about 1200 us a month. Public transport: cheap. Coke cola is cheaper than water. Voldka is cheap as chips. I am talking about city prices.

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