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Just stopped breast feeding

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bradley10, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. When I started breast feeding I always aimed to get to 6 months. Mum (at 4 weeks in) said that I wouldn't be able to keep up with him and the rebel in me rose up and I decided I would! LO wouldn't take a bottle at 6 months so I carried on. My LO is 14 months today and I gave him his last feed last night when he bit me drawing blood. (He has been having one feed each day for a long time now - just before bed. He has gone to sleep relatively easily, pj's, cows milk, teeth, story bed and has gone. So far he is fine. He did have a good old root for me but I distracted him.
    My problem is my left boob is killing me. Surely I can't be producing that much milk having only been feeding once for at least 3 months? What can I do to help/ease the pain. Will my right boob follow?

  2. Not sure Bradley but just wanted to say well done on breastfeeding for so long. I know you've had some pretty tough times when your LO would awake virtually every hour, yet you persevered. Massive congratulations to carry on for 14 months.
  3. Is it an over-full pain or something else? If it's fullness then a warm compress and hand expressing just enough to ease the discomfort for a couple of days may help. If it's a different kind of pain try massaging the area or dragging a wide tooth comb across it in case it's a blocked duct? You'll probably still produce milk for quite a while but if you're just expressing off a tiny amount your body should get the message soon. 14 months is an amazing achievement!
  4. Epsom salts helped me... And well done! Xx
  5. I weaned my daughter over 6 weeks and had very few problems with engorgement. But when I dropped that last feed, despite my breasts not feeling full at any point, it really affected me. I got incredibly engorged then got mastitis. I had to be prescribed meds and antibiotics.
    So whilst I hope this isn't the case for you, it is possible to become more engorged than you'd imagine when giving up 'one last little feed' so don't let it get too bad before getting checked out.
  6. Hi, I had exactly this problem when I stopped feeding at 9 months (we were also down to just one bedtime feed). Left boob was engorged and painful for a full week but the right one didn't bat an eyelid! I was obviously feeding more from the left. There isn't much you can do (other than maybe the hot bath/compress thing to soothe) - you just have to ride the storm and wait for your body to adjust. Trust it - it will sort itself out.
  7. Well done Bradley :) x I guess you can take more than just paracetamol now to take the edge off if you wanted to. Hopefully it'll settle soon x
  8. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    Bradley- I stopped Wednesday morning. LO (1 year) has been poorly and has been refusing it every time since then. By Friday night my boobs were driving me insane so I expressed a little- they are def feeling a lot better now. I was feeding morning and night- they do feel quite full though. I'm a bit gutted as bf was the only way I've been losing weight- now I'm going to have to diet :-(
  9. Thanks ladies - stopped aching - although seem to be leaking every now and agian. How long does it take for your milk to dry up?

  10. Bradley I don't know the medical answer but my boobs took ages and ages to get back 'normal' - 6 weeks to stop feeling different and go down a bit and then another cup size came off over the months after that.
  11. ahhhhhhhhh - I hope I don't lose a cup size, I didn't gain any to lose!
  12. Bradley, it only took a couple of weeks for my b00bs to get back to normal/milk to dry up. I didn't lose a cup-size but I did lose 'bounce' and 'uplift'!!! So sad..... Hope it doesn't happen to you...
  13. Mariposa - hope thats me - I have lost uplift already! Definitely not as pert as they used to be x

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