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Just sinking in

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by alfredrussell, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. alfredrussell

    alfredrussell New commenter

    Just heard last month that I've been accepted for Voluntary redundancy. 6 of us are going. Been 34 years in the same school and I'm starting to realise things like the last Easter concert, the last time I'll teach a particular topic, heading for my last end of term, my last few weeks of A level teaching.
    Seems strange and a little daunting. Will I cope? Have I done the right thing. What will September bring? Can I get through all the retirement "dos" that are inevitable.
    Can you do a retirement speech on Valium?
    Not looking forward to them as I am not good talking about myself and know I will choke up at some point. I met my wife at the school, my children attended the school. It's going to be a big wrench.
    Any advice out there?
  2. I'm a good few years away from retirement yet as I'm a new teacher however -

    For many years a close relative of mine DREADED retiring.

    In fact on one occasion said "whats the point in life after retirement?".

    Since then has retired and over a period of around six months has never been happier.

    Has started getting involved in clubs, interests, walking, meeting new friends - Wakes up every day with no stress or worry of work - Instead life is full of all the things that never thought would do....

    My relative has never been happier.
  3. Retired myself at age 55 on ARB, best thing I ever did, no question. However, my career was not as settled as yours appears to have been. Good luck, and, trust me, you'll enjoy it!
  4. I handed my notice in at the end of February. I finish teaching at the end of April (after over 30 years at the same school). I'll miss the kids - but I won't miss the target driven, stressful job that is now called 'teaching'.
    I am so looking forward to retirement! Mind you, will the neighbours appreciate a 60 year old who likes to listen to punk music at full volume?
  5. Move in next to me. We'd cancel each other out. To misquote The Adverts No Time to be 56.
  6. Excellent - people tend to forget that recent retirees were brought up through the ages of brilliant music!
  7. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    Oh yes!!
    The other day some students were talking about punk and I 'filled in some gaps' for them. I realised there was a stuuned silence whilst I was giving them the lyrics of God save the Queen etc. I explained I once did the 'binliner thing', had bright dyed hair etc.
    I think they're still traumatised by the thought :)

  8. Definitely agree! I have enjoyed taking my grown up kids to see Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper gigs! They think its hilarious that 'old' teachers enjoy such music. Love punk too!

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