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Just received in my inbox...

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by gigglebert, Apr 7, 2011.

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    <h1>The EIS Ballot - A Pure Con.</h1>A pure
    con. - That was the reaction of my niece when she read the ballot paper. My niece who qualified over a year ago is a
    supply teacher in primary schools. If
    teachers agree to these proposals the all the authority needs to do is set up a
    database to dismiss supply teachers every five days and appoint the next person
    on the list.

    How are
    teachers being conned?</u>

    salaries claim did the EIS submit for teachers prior to accepting this
    management proposal? I don&rsquo;t know. Do

    are being urged to vote for a wage freeze for two years &ndash; Why?

    Today a
    wage freeze is a pay cut. The cost of
    living index stands at 5%. In addition
    fuel prices are rocketing. Increases in
    superann. contributions are on the horizon.
    Vote for a pay cut &ndash; Why?

    and promoted staff are told to vote to abolish the conservation rights of
    Headteachers, Deputes, and Principal Teachers, rights which they earned over
    years of hard work &ndash; Why?

    are told vote to reduce their supply colleagues to scale point 1. Why?

    experienced teachers forced into early
    retirement through staffing cuts still need supply work. They will be denied professional salary
    rights accrued over decades. How
    demeaning. &ndash; Why?

    While the
    cuts to supply teachers salaries affect all teachers it will hit women hardest,
    since they constitute the bulk of supply teachers. What happened to EIS equalities policies
    opposing the casualisation of work for women?
    - Why?

    ballot happens in a year when two out of
    the three EIS National Office bearers, Kay Barnett and Helen Connor, are women.
    &ndash; Why?

    results of the previous ballot which overwhelmingly
    the management offer:

    was not
    presented to your representatives on
    EIS Council. Council members have been
    denied the opportunity to decide, on
    your behalf, whether wished to continue to another ballot or pursue further

    only by a small unrepresentative group on the
    salaries committee who decided to rush into a second ballot.

    was not
    even presented to the EIS Executive for its consideration.

    Why? Do not surrender your hard won Rights. Vote against this travesty.

  2. Using a sensible protest post to have a misogynistic backswipe at women is outrageous. How do you know that all three office bearers aren't in total agreement? Why is it relevant that two of the office bearers are women but not relevant that one of the office bearers is a man?
    You actually lost my sympathy at that very moment. A lot of the most militant posts on here seem to be from women: have some solidarity.
  3. I think this point was a direct follow-on from the previous one: that cuts to pay for supply teachers would hit women harder, which would therefore raise the question "why didn't the EIS fight this more strongly given that 2 out of 3 of their national office bearers ARE women".
    I certainly didn't read this as implying that the EIS are weak due to having women in high office.
  4. You may be right!
  5. You are right that I'm a woman, however, I was merely passing on an email that had been sent to all Edinburgh schools by a previous MALE office holder within the EIS...
  6. Miguel put me right, giggle! [​IMG]

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