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Just out of interest...

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Sam69, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. what sort of routines do your 8 month olds have and what are their eating habits like??
  2. what sort of routines do your 8 month olds have and what are their eating habits like??
  3. Hi Sam! A good question, I've wondered this too. Our routine goes something like this (on a 'normal' day!); 7am - milk feed + solid breakfast, 9am - nap of up to an hour, 12pm - solid lunch, 1pm - nap of up to an hour and half, 4pm nap of up to an hour, 5pm - solid tea, 6pm - bath, 6:30 - milk feed, 7pm bed. LO has just dropped the mid afternoon milk feed so I give a small drink of water instead. I have no idea whether eating habits are 'normal' or not for a baby of 8 months but here's a example of a typical menu: Brekkie: milk+porridge and fruit (occasionally a couple of soldiers of toast too), Lunch: pasta with tomato/veg sauce & avocado & banana for desert, Tea: fish pie & plain yoghurt with mashed fruit for desert. What about you?
  4. Our routine is almost exactly the same La mariposa!
    Usually: 7am milk and breakfast, get dressed etc. Brekkie is fruit and porridge. 9am nap for an hour ish. 11am milk feed. 12 lunch - something like couscous and peas, hardboiled egg yolk and tomato,tuna and potato etc. 1pm nap for around an hour and a half. 4pm milk feed and nap for about 40 mins. 5pm tea - pasta and sauce, chicken and veg, steak with red peppers etc (not all obvs!). 6.30 bath, 7pm milk feed, 7.30pm asleep in bed. 3am/4am/5am (always different but usually only once a night) milk feed.
    He's just started to have a little snack after his afternon nap, something like a couple of mouthfuls of toast or a rice cake.
    Good to see other people's days are similar to ours! Makes me feel reassured lol. Just waiting for him to drop that night feed now, he's going the right way towards it anyway.
  5. Pretty much the same as ours too - very good to know as I was wondering, especially about the milk feeds. Only just started giving the milk between feeds rather than before them and it seems to be working well.
    7-7.30am - wake up, 240ml milk + porridge or weetabix with fruit
    9ish - 1hr nap
    11am - 180ml milk, sometimes followed by another nap
    12ish - pureed meat dish with chopped / mashed veg, fruit and yoghurt, water and juice
    12.30pm - 1 1/2 hr nap
    3pm - 180ml milk
    4pm - 1/2hr nap
    5pm - meat / fish etc + veg / pasta, fruit and yoghurt
    6.30pm - 180ml milk
    7 - bed
  6. How funny that our routines are very very similar! It is re-assuring isn't it. My only slight concern after reading your posts ladies (& i've been wondering about this before this thread) is that my LO only has 2 milk feeds a day now. He's breastfed so it's lovely for me (no more top lifting out of the home yay) to not be so 'tied' to him but I am concerned he's not getting enough milk.... I obviously can't measure how much milk he's taking at his 2 feeds but from when I used to express I guess around 200 ml per feed.... What do others think? He eats quite a lot of yoghurt, cheese sauces etc so I suppose that helps? Also he sleeps (most nights) through the night so I'm thinking he must be getting enough calories but can you give too much solid food and not enough milk? I was feeding him in the afternoon until recently but he just lost all interest in it. I suppose I take his lead on this one but it still seems a lot less than others' LOs...
  7. Our routines are very similar but I'm worried that our LO is relying too much on his milk and not enough on solids! What do you think? This is our day:- 6.30am - 5oz milk. 8.30am - breakfast (e.g. porridge, toast, weatabix) 9am - half hour nap. 11.30am - 4-5oz milk. 12.30pm - lunch (e.g veg & lentil bake, chicken with veg, fish pie) 1pm - 1 1/2 hour nap. 3.30pm - 4-5ox milk. 5pm - tea (veg or fruit with yoghurt / fromage frais) 6.30pm - 5oz milk bed!
  8. Also - what sort of quantity of solids does you LO eat each meal??? I find it really hard to know how much to offer him and I'm worried I'm not giving him enough solids - lots of people seems to talk about cubes of veg / fruit but how much is a cube??!!!
  9. We've been trying to add more milk as he was rejecting it in favour of solids. GP said he should still be having between 500 and 600ml milk per day. Have started moving more towards formula this week as he would only BF for a max of 5 mins on each side.
    As for ice cubes - I would make up a mix and then freeze it in an ice cube tray then pop them out into containers so I could freeze the next mix. Takes ages but only need to do it once every two weeks. Just had a look and the cubes measure 40x25x25mm. He will usually have 3 savoury (1 meat, 1 veg and 1 pasta or mash) followed by 1 fruit with natural yoghurt per meal.
  10. Thanks Andi H that is really useful to know. I've got some batches in ice cube trays and other things in slightly larger pots so now just need to think about how much of each he needs!!
  11. Thanks La Mariposa - have some batches of food made up in those larger pots so think his portion sizes are ok - they also seem comparable to what our new child minder has been giving him which I'm pleased about as I want to keep his routine as consistent as possible........having had my concerns about his milk feeds he has finally dropped the 11am bottle (has been 'messing around' with it for a while but it definitely seems to have gone now) BUT now he only has 3 bottles a day he still only seems to take about 5oz from each which is short of the 500-600 recommended mls a day!!!!! Having a LO is an endless stream of worries isn't it?!!

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