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Just moved into country - How do i start a teaching career here

Discussion in 'English' started by sahoosupriya078, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. sahoosupriya078

    sahoosupriya078 New commenter

    I am interested to start a career in teaching at a FE/HE level and need some advice which i am hoping someone would be able to help me with.

    I recently completed my PhD in English from India. Before that, i have done my MPhil (Translation studies) , BEd (English) and Master in English. All of my qualifications have happened in India and I have got my degrees certified to be UK equivalent by NARIC.

    Visa wise, I am here on a dependent visa to my husband who is a UK citizen. My visa allows me to freely work and study across UK.

    My questions are: -
    1. What is the path for a non UK / non EU person to start a FE/HE level teaching career in UK
    2. What roles can i apply for now if i need to prepare towards teaching at a FE/HE level
    3. Do i need to do any trainings/certifications to start my teaching career?
    4. Would volunteering at universities / schools help me with my application? Where do i find relevant volunteer opportunities
    I would be really grateful if you could answer my questions and help me shape my career. Thank you
  2. englishtt06

    englishtt06 Occasional commenter

    In regards to FE, whilst a PGCE (or equivalent) is not usually mandatory, most FE teachers I know have one of some description. The easiest thing you could do is contact local colleges and arrange some volunteering. As part of the preparation, you will need to apply for a DBS check (criminal clearance); this will probably require a certificate from your local police authority from India (if this is where you last lived). You should do this soon as it can take some time to clear, particularly if you have come from abroad.

    For HE, that is a much harder one to give general advice on: each university differs in how to get your foot in the door; especially if you wish to teach English (a case of if your specialism matches their needs/requirements). There is such a thing as a PGHCE (a qualification for teaching at HE level) but it is not a requirement (but may be a way of getting yourself 'known').

    Probably the best advice I can give you is to post your query on this forum:


    Although technically speaking you are not an overseas-trained teacher, this is the forum for how your qualifications translate and for real experiences of acquiring work in UK education providers. They may also be able to help with the police check requirements.

    Good luck.
  3. sahoosupriya078

    sahoosupriya078 New commenter

    Thanks!! That was very helpful.

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