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Just had a nostalgic few hours!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by oldsomeman, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I have been discovering old films of trians on you tube, Took right back to my young life and getting steam/smoke in your face on the bridge as the train went under it. All those times of excitement when the holiday was to the seaside by train or coach...we didn't own cars in those days lol
    Also swelled with pride as the Flying Scotsman and the Pacific class tormnado topped 100 mph.
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  2. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Would I be correct in assuming that trians was a typo and you meant tri-ants? A species of ant that evolved because they found it more successful to work in threes than alone.

    Ants are reknown for their remakable ability to carry several times their body weight, but by working in teams of three, they can carry even more.

    You might ask why they never evolved into teams of four, but if they did that, there'd be no deciding vote on how to go about things.

    Humans on the other hand, evolved in the most idiotic way possible and were unable to decide on anything until a book of fiction was written that began with a story about a talking snake and the wrath of a fictional character who was able to do what modern day science proves to be impossible.

    But let's not dwell to much on that, because maybe scientists don't know enough yet. Maybe there is a God, in whose image we are made, that created the universe. Who in their right mind would imagine He's got time to keep an eye on what happened to everything he ever did?

    Einstein couldn't even remember where he lived and likely forgot more than most people will ever know about science.

    I'll tell you a story...

    We had some contractors doing a job on the estate a few weeks ago, putting a shed together. I notice one of them was picking nails out of a bag and tossing half of them over his shoulder.

    I asked why he was doing this and got the answer that they didn't point in the right direction. His mate intervened and called him an idiot for throwing them away, saying it's obvious they were intended to be for the other side of the shed.

    Sadly such people are allowed by law to vote.
  3. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    What on earth are you taking duke?
    It was a mistake and the context did state I had been watching trains and you discussed ants! :p
  4. EmanuelShadrack

    EmanuelShadrack Star commenter

    A shame really - the word "quadrant" is ready-made for such a foursome.
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  5. EmanuelShadrack

    EmanuelShadrack Star commenter

    I thought he might be talking about transvestites going at 100mph in a tomato.
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  6. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    You can still do that at Dawlish Warren most summer days.
  7. burajda

    burajda Star commenter

    That's pretty slow for a train isn't it? The French had trains running at 200mph in the 1950s.
    How do you feel about advanced rail technology these days, should we be proud that we may have HS trains running soon on HS2 and HS3?
  8. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I would be proud if we didn't have to have a public consultation all the while to build a line and worry a butterfly, etc might be damaged in the building of such lines, We lack fast lines because we are sooooo slow in making decisions and don't like spending money in comparison to our continental cousins,
    As to speed in the past. In those days the big locos where our pride, but 2 world wars knackered the lines and stock and inertia to update meant we are still playing catch up. As a child, the joy was to be on the train not to be on the fastest. I can still remember standing on the end of platforms number recording of locos of all types....but steam was always my favourite form of propulsion.
  9. burajda

    burajda Star commenter

    Well its not really about butterflies, its about people and their homes and properties. I remember the road protests in your area and knew people who lived in Fillebrooke Road. How long would you expect the planning process should take if it involved your house being demolished to make way for new infrastructure? Maybe like in China 48 hours notice should be enough.
  10. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    We have a nostalgic hour watching Heartbeat and hearing the music of the 60's
  11. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I was there and watched with interest as the various factions sought to delay the new road.
    The result? Other than a few who lived through its construction no one worries one bit. The road is usually clogged at rush hour as there has since been a massive increase in the number of vehicles using the road, and there are delays as the roundabout at Redbridge struggles to cope when i reality they should have built an underpass or flyover,Wanstead had the ground dug up to put in the new road tunnels and the place looks as if it had never been disturbed although houses where pulled down in the making of that.
    You cant always make way for 'the environment' if you want efficient travel systems.
  12. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    After Brexit all we'll be able to afford to run is a few old steam trains ...
  13. dleaf12

    dleaf12 Lead commenter

    Except that we won't be able to because Gove will have made the continued supply of coal to suit them totally uneconomic!
    Shanks' pony for us lot!
  14. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    Any excuse for a story ;)
    oldsomeman likes this.
  15. burajda

    burajda Star commenter

    So in 2019, 25 years on, what Leytonstone and Redbridge now needs is a wider road with more properties demolished and parts of Wansted flats turned into tarmac. Why not drive it straight through so we can have a new efficient travel system. Bring back the abandoned M12 to Chelmsford and Southend that was meant to terminate at South Woodford. Its needed as the A12/A127 is sh!te and out of date
    But you dodged the question - Noone else who values progress will care, but what if your house is in the way of efficiency?
  16. Geoff Thomas

    Geoff Thomas Star commenter

    I wonder if a wider and straighter road would lead to another massive increase in the number of vehicles using the road.

    Thought so.
    EmanuelShadrack likes this.
  17. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I personally would not mind as long as I got the going price.
    I want to move back North but have a wife who doesn't want to move so for myself if it forced us out I would be grateful in a selfish way,
    Around this borough, homes are constantly being knocked down and blocks of flats built upon them so the place is in a state of flux. Despite the wish of the local Labour council to get folks to walk and cycle and use slow public transport the road traffic won't be going for a while and all they have done is narrowed roads meaning the traffic is running slower and is causing complaints from vehicle users such as Lea Bridge road, where virtually the whole road is double yellow lines, no parking for cars except in a few places. Shops on that road are in a big state of flux as many close and all that opens is coffee shops.
    Now I might agree with you about he Al2
    this pipe dream was not implemented, instead, the A13 is the fast road to Southend but not accessible easily from the A12 unless at Redbridge you take the A406 to Becton and then pick up the A13 which has speed camera along most of its road till you get to near Romford.
    To bypass the sections of the A12 you use the M11 to Stanstead and then proceed across to Chelmsford on a fast road.
  18. burajda

    burajda Star commenter

    No. the road from Stansted is the A120 and goes to Colchester not Chelmsford. The A13 despite its 1990s upgrade is not a fast road. Every morning on London radio its reported as congested 'from the goresbrook interchange'
    The A13 must qualify as Britain's ugliest Road. The entire length from Aldgate to Southend is totally depressing, I feel sorry for anyone who has to use it daily. It was probably even uglier in the 1950s with the giant industrial plants along the estuary.
  19. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I agree with you about it being an ugly road lol
    Thanks for correcting me on the road from Stansted.It's not a road I use too often.
  20. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    We are currently, as a country, suffering from a nasty outbreak of Tory Tri-ants. With tri-ants in their Saville Row pants...

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