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just found out i have cancer.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by tryingtoteach, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. I will be thinking of you on Monday Nanglenoo. Have you any idea how long they plan to keep you in for? How are you feeling?
  2. Hi, i am 24 and was diagnosed with birkitts lymphoma in june.Yesterday i returned home afte my 4 month treatment schedule in hospital. A day after i got a new dream job(due to start sept),i was given this horrible news and wanted my world to end. Happy to be home but still hoping my bone marrow results place me in remission. My life ahead seems really frightening and i am worried because i am a pe teacher who has become very weak and frale. Got to build my strength up physically and mentally and still got lots of check ups at hospital. I am concerned about when to start back work. It will be half term and i wont be ready for then. Then soon after it will be christmas. I was thinking of spending some prep days at the school in dec to prepare etc and return to work in Jan. Or i may push myself to hard and the kids will become unsettled. Any advice? Just seems i have spent 6 months being ill and before that my nan died of a brain tumour so had spent 6 months helping to care for her in the douglas macmillan hospice.
    I am overwhelmed by the people providing support on this forum about such concerns and wish all others who come face to face with this horrible disease all the luck in the world. Be strong!!!
    vicky xxx
  3. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    hi jane - you are in a similar sit to me - i had also landed new job for sep which i obv couldnt start. i'm hoping to be back at work in feb after i finish my 6 months chemo. good luck and take things slowly. people will undertand. just be honest with them. its not worse making yourself il with. when will you find out about the bone marrow? keep us posted and well done for getting through your treatment.
  4. Hi have recovered after finding my operation has been moved forward to monday.
    I actually did a day of supply yesterday as i felt well. It made me feel normal again for a short while.

    I go in hospital tomorrow for my pre op. The surgeons have been really positive and all going well it should be straight forward.
    If that is the case I should be out in 5 days.

    I know there are serious concerns for the operation but I'm trying not to think about that.

    Thanks for all your support, it does help to talk on this message board.

    Hi Jane, try not to worry about work too much at the moment(easier said than done). You have got 40 years of work ahead of you so no rush at the moment!!

    Look after yourself, let your body repair.
    Some days are horrible, I feel really low think I have no future.
    Some days are great, you feel well and you know you are going to beat the cancer.

    I won't say stay positive( I hate that)
    Sometimes I think that it is good to have this illness as it makes me appreciate everything I have and have done in my life. (who gets to do that?)

  5. How lonf will you be required to stay in hospital afterwards, nanglenoo?
  6. Welcome to the thread Jane - sorry to hear that you have been through such a lot already. I agree with everyone else: do not rush back to work. The most important thing is to put your energy (pyhsical and mental) into getting better. Listen to your body, although sometimes your mind might try to fight it. You need time to recover from what you have been through.

    Wondering what you are doing over your pre-op weekend Nanglenoo.....hopefully something to keep your spirits lifted. Have you got nice things to take into hospital with you? I eventually got round to owning an ipod over the summer - just in time for my week in hospital.

    I think my radiotherapy will take place during November and I am going to wait and see how I feel after that before deciding when I might start to venture back to work.
  7. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    I would just like to send Love and Hugs to you.

    Shell xx
  8. Thanks 'tryingtoteach', hope your chemo goes well. Just take each day as it comes. Got my bone marrow results 2day and its all clear after all the treatment. So i am now in remission, hoping it won't come back.

    Thanks nanglenoo hope all goes well with your operation and you manage to keep up your fighting spirit. That's what it takes to beat the ****** although some days seem tough. These **** days you get will help to make others seem far more special and memorable.

  9. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    congratulations!! there is a light at the end of the tunnel. you must be really pleased!! i can't wait to get results like that (fingers crossed)

    what have you decided about work? you made me think about when i go back. i thoguht id just go back full time but straight away but now realising it might take me longer to get the strength back.

    good luck with your operation nanglenoo.
  10. Ok. Last time I will post until after the op.
    I go in at 7:30 on Monday morn. They said I will be in for 7 to 10 days or maybe 2 weeks or longer. Who knows.
    My worst fear is that they will open me up and then not do the procedure.

    TK, an Ipod sounds like a great idea, i will ask my sister if I can borrow hers.
    I have bought loads of books to read over the comming weeks.
    Not doing much this weekend. Might go for a walk tomorrow if it is nice.

    Anyhow.....hope to post again soon..........
  11. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    feeling pretty rough!! my side effects are normally gone after 5 days but feel like its been one thing after another this time. normal side effects eased off but have had really bad heartburn and indegestion and a terrible ache in my left arm and side. i had this ache in my other arm last time, think its to do with the last drug they give which hurts going in. much worse this time and its really uncomfortable. on top of that, having to have gcsf injections every time now for white blood cells. first time had them, my bones were agony. last time, ok. this time i've got really bad rib ache! all the back of my ribs if that makes sense! thought about ringing hospital but its not really an emergency and not much they can probably do. will probably wait till mon and ring the clinic.

    sorry - just needed a moan! off for a hot bath, paracetamol and gaviscon!! might go for a walk and see if that helps. it can't be good for bones to just sit all day - although thats all i feel like doing! normally quite positive as have a week where i feel fine - not happened this time so feeling pretty down in the dumps!!

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Poor you. I hope you manage to get comfy for a while. Take care.
  13. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    feeling a little better. rang hospital about my heartburn and they said not much they can do but if i ring clinic on mon i can get some tablets to stop it. apparently most people already on these tablets to stop it. nice to know! glad it can be stopeed so that made me feel a bit better.

    went to cinema to see chuck and larry - quite funny so that cheered me up too!
  14. The heartburn tablets are important. The stuff you buy over the counter is designed to react to heartburn once you've got it but the stuff they give you at the hospital(forgotten what it's called) is designed to prevent it.

    If it's causing problems, go to your local A&E and get them to give you a script for something to last until Monday.

    Stay cheerful eveyone
  15. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    thanks IT - hope you had a nice holiday!
  16. My holiday was wonderful but going back to work was a struggle. Everytime I get stressed I need to read this thread again and remind myself of why my job is just a job and why there is SO MUCH that is more important. You look after yourself.
  17. Sorry about all the yucky side-effects TTT - but delighted you made it to the cinema. Do you feel you are getting a bit of a pattern to your treatment cycles? My first type of chemo went something like this: wk 1: S**t - do nothing; wk 2: begin to enter land of humans - do a bit; wk 3:make hay while the sun shines (relatively. Having said that, my second type of treatment has been a lot more erratic so I pretty much wake up every day and think 'so what can/can't I do?'

    Today is the first day for over a week that I have left the house , on my own, in the car and been to a friend's house and then to the local farmers market. The simple joys of being out under ones own steam!

    Lots of positive wishes going to Nanglenoo for tomorrow.
  18. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    yes, theres a definite pattern. i have my chemo every two weeks. for 4 days after chemo feel pretty rough - tired, sick, sore mouth on days 3 and 4 and breathless when i move. days 4 to 7, generally ok, but tired after doing slightest thing. second week, generally ok, although tired after going out. up early this morn to take fiance to leeds for quad biking. went to a carboot sale but had had enough half way round. went to sister in laws for sunday lunch and baked with god daughter. not really done much active stuff but feeling shattered now!! feel a bit pathetic going to bed, but no one in and i might just go for an hour.

    whats the worst side effect you've had? i think the tiredness, as it just seems to linger for ages! used to be able to work 10 hours, come home, cook tea and then go out on eve. now - one activity and i'm shattered!! be glad when its all done and can go back to work and be normal, although not sure how i'd cope with this tiredness - i think it lingers for a while after treatment. i work quite a way from home as well so even when work finished, will have a 30 minute drive through city centre.
  19. The tiredness does build up over the course of the treatment, and take a fair time to go away. As does the chemo brain lol.

    I remember a couple of my cycles of chemo being worse than expected - one because I was very tired from dealing with a family problem and literally having no sleep the night before the appt., the other no reason I could pinpoint. I have also had cycles where I was better than expected, so swings and roundabouts. You can only take a day at a time and try not to feel guilty for taking extra rests.
  20. God luck for tomorrow, nanglenoo.

    I will say a prayer for you.

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