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just found out i have cancer.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by tryingtoteach, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Dear Cancer people,
    I Charles Lockwood am a CANCER Survivor of pancreat,splean & Liver cancer with out chemotherapy or radiation therapy. I came down with cancer in 2001 and I was devestated. I had no energy and I slept most of the time but when I was a wake I researched for natural alternatives and talked to cancer survivors that cured them selves. The first thing I did was cleaned up the water I was drinking by using charcoal filtering systems that take the aresnic poisioning and 153 other toxians out of the water. Then I stopped eating anything with sugar including bananas it the ingrediance has sugar don't eat it because cancer lives on the sugar you feed it,cancer can't survive with oxygen do a little exercise just enough to breath deeply once or twice a day. Use sea salt, grade A, B, C Maple syrup do not use honey internally it can give you cancer use in your bath its good for your skin. Honey is a little less empty and more dangerious than sugar.
    Don't eat canned foods they have preservatives that make cancer grow eat lots of organic. The final cure for you cancer is a natural supplement that the indians in the southwest have been making for 116 yrs to cure there cattle from deseases and humans from cancer virus. What it does is detoxes your body and cleanses your blood and gives you lots of energy
    so you'll have a probably better quality life than you had before you can down with cancer, I feel great, I'm full of energy and most people can't believe I'm 71 yrs old. I retired 29yrs Air Force, Vet Nam. vet. I sent the same Infor. to Elizabeth Edwards the running Presidents wife when she anounced she had cancer and she wrote me a letter and thank me for the information. How about that! I have saved people in Alaska, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona & Texas. The product comes in 60 pills in a bottle for $40.00 and the cream is $55.00 a bottle the cream takes cancer of you skin in ten days roots and all. The hole will fill in and your skin color will come back naturally. Email me at: chuksmfish@embarqmail.com there is more Infomation.
  2. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    this is not a place to sell your miracle cures. i'm sure all the people on this post put tehir faith and trust in the fantastic drs we have in this country.
  3. I hope you are keeping well, tryingtoteach. I have just read out your last sentence to my husband, who is a doctor and it put a big smile on his face. Thank you for that and for your bravery in such difficult circumstances, I only have respect for.
  4. Good to hear from you TTT. It sounds as if you are entering an 'up' phase which can only be good. But I totally empathise with the frustration of being able to do so little. After my last chemo, once the steroids had worn off, I then managed to spend another week in bed. Every day I would think 'surely today I can get up?, but it was of a case of 'brain willing, body says no'.

    On Monday this week when everyone else was starting the new school year (first time in 23 years that I haven't), I decided to reflect upon the summer holiday as was. Think I was just feeling a bit sorry for my self all round, but basically realised that I had spent more than 50% of it in bed and/or in hospital. On the flip side, I think I did manage to make the most of my little windows of opportunity ? nothing fancy like a holiday, but, at the moment, little things are quite significant.

    It?s great that they have sorted out your sickness more effectively, but I am really sorry about your hair. Everyone says it is very distressing, and it is. I know it won?t feel like it now, but it?s almost better once it?s gone and you just have to get on with it.

    As to how to spend the time when we would otherwise be at work ? everyone will be different, but when I am wiped out I also find that I don?t have much concentration so tend to flit ie. A bit of TV, talking on the phone (lots of that), a bit of reading ? more newspapers and mags than the pile of great novels I have, dozing, have been useless at watching DVDs ?.kinda difficult to see where the time has gone, but so what!!
    The ?inbetween? days it takes most of my energy to get up, bath/shower, dress, put on a bit of make up and maybe make it out to the garden. All that de-cluttering I thought I might do?
    The ?up? days (it?s all relative so ?up? means a fraction of what was normal energy) are times for getting out to see people, out for a coffee, lunch, cinema (once as have to watch the low immune days), a gentle walk?..or flicking through all the Sky channels (got this after my diagnosis ? kids delighted ? have just found a gardening cannel ? sad, but true!)
    How are you spending you time? What are you going to plan for your next up time and when your OH is away?

    Totally agree with you about the miracle man. Fantastic that it worked for him. Me, I have to have total confidence in my oncologist and the rest of the team, all of whom I have the utmost respect for.

    All the best
  5. TTT,

    There's an acupressure point on the ear lobe that helps with the sickness. If you pinch and ear lobe between thumb and forefinger it sometimes helps. I think it's probably psychosomatic because it only worked sometimes for me but it helped when there was nothing else. (Maybe it's just that it hurt a bit if you squeeze to hard and it takes your mind off the sickness but it might be worth trying.)
    The snakeoil man is easy to dismiss but cancer is such a ******* thing that anything that anyone thinks is helpful just might be. I'm a total, committed atheist but an old friend from primary school wrote me a letter and said that he had asked all of the members of his his church to pray for me when I was having chemo - it did make a difference.

    So, in sort of the same spirit, I think of you all each morning as I drive to work.

    Stay cheerful if you can.

  6. Hi good to see everyone being positive.

    Just wondered if anyone has changed their lifestyle after being diagnosed with cancer. You read lots about things that cause cancer.

    I feel that I should change my diet. I should stop eating red meat and dairy.
    I already don't have my lap top on my lap anymore and switch off the wireless router. I don't have my mobile by my bed.

    I had my house cleared of geopathic stress lines that can be related to tumors forming.

    I know that stress is a factor that could cause cancer and I am now not sure about returning to teaching as it is quite a stressful job.

    I feel i have a positive attitude and hope that helps.

    You do hear about people who claim that they have eaten themselves well from cancer and used alternative therapies instead of conventional medicine to cure themselves.

  7. Post 120 should be removed. How dare someone try and take advantage of the situation and make money out of it.
  8. You poor thing - just wanted to add to the string of success stories though as a close male friend of mine was diagnosed with Hodgkin's last Autumn - we were all incredibly concerned as it has spread to several key nodes but after 6 months of chemo he has come through the other side and the doctors are really confident. Good luck and take care xx
  9. salsera

    salsera New commenter

    My husband is using homeopathy and reiki. He is juicing every day. Small steps for some but huge for him. And though not at all a great believer he is also accepting of all those who have said they are praying for him.
    You do have to try everything
  10. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    i cut my hair off!!

    it was a big step and the last hurdle. i finally decided yesterday morning that i was sick of it coming out in my hand and so cut it off! OH shaved it for me. not as bad as i thought as i still have hair, about half an inch all over. felt really brave as i went out in my wig for the first time by myself. felt like everyone was looking a my hair, but met a friend for lunch who i hadnt seen for a few months and she asked me when i thought i would need a wig. best complement ever!!
  11. Hey Trying to Teach, that?s a really big step ? well done! And a great comment from your friend. I think you will probably start to get used to it now. When I look back the worst bit was definitely my hair coming out by the handful. My hair has very slowly started to grow back. I happened to see my hairdresser last week and he reckons I might need a hair cut after Christmas ? that sounds a little bit exciting.

    As I near towards chemo treatment number 7 (of 8), I am beginning to think about my diet and lifestyle for the future. During chemo I really haven?t bothered that much as feeling so rough so much of the time my philosophy has been, if you feel like something just go for it. I realise that once I finish the chemo (still 4 weeks of radiotherapy to follow), I need to think a bit harder. However, it seems a bit of a mine field and I am not sure how to navigate it. It all depends who you speak to and what you read: evidence for this/no evidence for that/no dairy/some dairy/normal dairy/soya/not soya/?.is it about having a sensible diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables or should I be doing something far more radical and complicated? My oncologist would go with the former; the advice from some cancer care places is much more specific. Help!!!!!

    Like your OH Salsera I think I want to get into juicing so I think a good one will be one of my next purchases. Will also go back to acupuncture (my oncologist banned me from this due to fear of infection). I also see a counsellor every 3 weeks. I am thinking that maybe I need a few more treats/support?..has anyone tried using a healer?

    Nanglenoo ? good to hear from you ? how did you get the stress lines removed? Have you decided what to do about school yet? I know I want to go back, but I know I will need to do my job differently?haven?t worked out how yet. Apart from anything else, I now realise that there are many other things I want to do with my time besides working!

    Love to everyone who posts on this amazingly positive and supportive thread.
  12. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    TK, i have also been thinking about my diet. i really feel like i should be eating a little bit better but i'm so hungry that i'm kind of eating anything!! like you, i've read so many anti-cancer diets that i'm not sure what to do.

    did you get your counsellor throught he hospital? i really feel the need to talk to someone. i find it difficul to get past my fears about after treatment, eg outcome, living with the worry of it coming back etc. feel like i overload my OH with stuff and not really fair on him. feel a bit pathetic asking for a counsellor though, but it has been going through my mind.

    How does it feel coming to the end of your treatment, the end is finally in sight. is there anything you plan to do diferently in the future? i'd like to go on a really expensive holiday!! and eat loads of takeaways (not good for the healthy diet but i'm REALLY missing them!)
  13. Hi, i finished my treatment 4 weeks ago(cervical cancer) I't feels a bit weird to finish your treatment. While you are having it you feel pro active. I had a scan 2 weeks ago and have been told I now need surgery. I am feeling rather scared now as I met the surgeon last week. (he wasn't bad, just what he said)
    They tell you all the negative aspects and spelt out in no uncertain terms that this was the last treatment option and not all women in my position get offered surgery.
    I feel shakey again, I went onto a web site for women with cervical cancer but could not post as there were lots of threads talking about people that had died.
    On the plus side I feel much better since finishing chemo and radio. You don't realise how bad you have felt and how you have coped with the tiredness, sickness etc. So TK and TTT it does end and soon you will feel normal again!

  14. So sorry Nanglenoo to hear that you need to have something else, although it sounds as if they are giving you every chance to get better, so it is also positive. I have a good friend who had cervical cancer 5 years ago. She had the same treatment as you and is now back at work and looking brilliant. I am sure you will do it too. You are positive and doing all the right things. Of course we worry about the ?what ifs?, but at least we are getting treatment so it feels like we are being, as you say, proactive.

    A note on receiving news/results ? I think this is one of the hardest things about getting cancer. You go for tests and hear results ? you want the best news, but you have to prepare yourself for a range of possibilities. I have hated this bit so far and know I will continue to do so?.. unless anyone has some supersonic positive thinking/visualisation techniques to pass on??.

    Thanks for the support re post chemo/radio. I just said to a friend on the phone this evening that I had given up feeling remotely normal! Good to know that the possibility does exist.

    TTT ? I think I will have to research this whole diet/lifestyle thing a bit more?..
    I would thoroughly recommend a counsellor. Although friends and family are fantastic, you obviously don?t like to hog all the time talking about yourself, but in a counselling session you can do just that. ?Me, me, me? and not feel guilty! I actually picked up with the counsellor I saw when I was going through my marriage break-up 5 years ago, but I think the hospital or GP could probably refer you. Also I think some cancer centres have sessions you can book up. Do not feel indulgent or pathetic ? it?s a strength to recognise something that is going to help you. Let me know how you get on.

    Agree about the holiday scenario ? have taken the notion to go somewhere hot for a week at Christmas/new year ? better check with my doctor first, but my children are really keen. Any ideas where? Daughter was looking up Morocco today.
  15. The Lymphoma Association will put you in touch with one of their Cameo groups and you could meet up with people who are in or who have been in the same situation. Or you could ask for someone to phone you and talk to you about it. I found it really useful at the start of my treatment.
    Your GP should be able to refer you to someone but there might be a waiting list.
    Or use this thread to keep a diary - post every day and maybe you can unburden yourself that way.
  16. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    feeling pretty down today, and this ewek really. keep worrying about the future and fretting that things aren't working. pretty tearful. OH off to wales tomorrow so maybe its that as well but generally feeling pretty ****! i started off so positive but it feels like its on my mind all the time. AAAArrrgh!!!!!!!
  17. Hang in there tryingtoteach! I have been reading this thread and not contributed a lot to it, but I think about you lots, even though I don't know you (how weird is this?!). You have been doing so well, and it will be tough without your OH, but you can post on here any time day or night and someone will reply and be out there in the ether. Can you get some other friends to come over and have a girly weekend? That's what I try to do if OH goes away. Or I try and visit other people. Failing all that, I get a really good bottle of red, ice cream and a video I know OH would hate and snuggle down with the dog! How is the anxiety - I hope it is getting easier to deal with. Haggisfish.
  18. Hi tryingtoteach, sorry to hear you are feeling low. I'm sure today you have woken up and felt better. It is such a worry having cancer, some days you are fine but there is always that constant worry at the back of your mind.
    Try not to think about the future. Go day by day.

    I had a drunken rant to my friends the other weekend about how I no longer fear death and if I die I will be made into 200 pencils with my name on.
    I remembered the next day how horrified they were.

    But having an illness like this makes you confront the fact that we are not immortal.

    I have met people along this road that are not offered treatment. It makes you realise how lucky you are that you are being treated.

    I have found reading a great help it takes your mind off things. I have reorganised my home. Got an allotment, played lots of scrabble with friends, watched the whole of heroes online, planned an art exhibition, read posts on tes, ooo baking is good!

    Anyhow sorry for the ramble hope you feel better today.
  19. Sorry you are feeling down TTT. It is inevitable that there will be grim times both physically and mentally. I had a down time at the weekend when I suddenly felt very alone. My son had just come back from a weekend at his dads and it always takes him a bit of time to adjust. I have a very small family (mum died several years ago, dad with dementia and a brother & sister in Scotland/Wales ? I am in neither) and I suddenly felt very vulnerable. I have amazing friends, colleagues and neighbours but I just had a time when the realisation that this is basically down to me. My brilliant 17 year old daughter realised something was wrong and I was able to have a chat with her (although I am always careful not to over-burden her). Needless to say the next day I felt a lot better.

    Have you got anywhere with finding a counsellor? I am just back from my bloods/oncologist appointment. Whilst waiting, I got to talking to someone, (sister of someone who used to work at my school), and she told me about seeing a healer ? not a religious thing, more about positive thinking and visualisation. I think I might look into this. I think something that would help me relax and, in turn, maybe boost my immune system could be good for me.

    You sound like you have achieved loads Nanglenoo ? brilliant! I like the sound of the allotment (I have got much more into my garden), and I like scrabble too so maybe I need to ask around my friends to find out who else would like to play. What are you doing about (dare I mention it) work? I agree with you about the fact that we are getting treatment. My oncologist told me today that 24hrs after my chemo tomorrow I have to have an injection (they gave me one last time and it made me feel like I had flu); in response to my grimace he told me that the point of it was to stop me getting an infection (like the one that put me in hospital for a week) and that it this injection alone cost £700!! Of course, their job is to treat us and make us better so, yes, I do feel grateful for that.

    Love to all ? remember to post anytime whether feeling up/down/anything in between. You are not alone.

  20. tryingtoteach

    tryingtoteach New commenter

    thanks so much for your replies and i do feel a bit better this morning. i'm off to my mums for the week that OH is away - i waved him off this morning all brave and strong!! didn't want him worrying about me.

    thanks haggisfish for your kind comments. the anxiety is much better now. not had a panica ttack for a few weeks but have felt anxious in some situations, particuarly since wearing my wig - i think everyone is looking at my head. as if i'm that special!!

    i went ont he lymphoma association chatroom last night and that made me feel a bit better. it was nice to talk to people going through the same thing who were all coping fine and were all positive about it being cured. also people on there who are already cured. i'm determined to be one of those.

    i suppose there will always be some days when you feel worse than others, and you just need to push yournegative thoughts to the back of your mind. i have already baked! made soem lovely cookies today with a friend! keeping busy is a must but i'm feeling pretty tired from all the stuff i'm doing to take my mind off things.

    TK - where would you find a healer. i love the sound of that. i'll give anything a try. struggling with the eating super healthy plan - biscuits are far too tempting, so a healer wwould be great. i don't want some fraud though! going to ask about a councillor on thurs when i have my blood test.

    well, off to my mums. not sure i i'm looking forward to it. have my chemo on friday and she'll be 'looking after' me. she tends to worry about the slightest thing whereas OH is so positive. i'm a little worried she might bring me down. oh well, we'll see!!

    speak soon x

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