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Just Curious

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by sulas, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Have also posted this on Primary Forum
    Have a new more senior job to start in jan. Head has now told me to go on 'gardening leave' and is currently interviewing for my job. Parents were told today that i am leaving.
    Has anyone else come across this before? I was amazed when the head spoke to me about it and i must say was not best pleased altho having had tim e to take it in properly can see some benefits [​IMG]
  2. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    That's extraordinary behaviour sulas. I've never heard of that happening in teaching and there's nothing in the STPCD or Burgundy Book which sanctions gardening leave. Did the head explain why? It's common in some industries and jobs where people resign to work for a competitor and work in job that gives them access to their current employers confidential information, slaes lists, customer details etc, but none of these circumstances apply in teaching. I assume you're being paid! It's legal grey area when (as in teaching) the contract of employment doesn't expressly provide for it. Did the head lay down any other requirements, not contacting your work colleagues etc? The benefit is a long Christmas break I suppose! And the chance to prepare more thoroughly for the new job. I can see disavantages too - other staff might assume you've been caught doing something wrong as that's the usual reason people suddenly stop coming into work, some might think the gardening leave explanation is just a cover for sme other reason. And you miss the chance to say goodbye to staff and pupils.
  3. I've never heard of it either. I would most definitely want to know why if it were me. It is highly unusual. Get advice.
  4. Thanks for all your comments - very interesting.
    I was called to a meeting where the HT & DHT painted a very positive picture of the situation. I stated my concerns and was told i was being very negative. I explained that from where i was sitting it was negative and i outlined what i was losing - built up relationships with the children, all the activities i had planned for the half term, all the christmas activities, my freindships with the staff etc. no reason was given - head new to the school and i think she just doesn't like me and i'm just glad that i can leave for good reasons.
    I did state that i wanted the parents told before i left so i could ensure there were no negative connotations. i was told not to be so suspicious! i also said i was not willing to leave until after the letter went out. words were said. the letter went out yesterday saying i would be leaving on ffiday. i explained to the children why i was leaving and as much as possible reassuring them about what would be happening. Several parents have been to see me since. They have said they are sorry i am leaving and wish me well which is nice.
    I have also told the staff - so they know i am going on full pay and we are having a leaving do on Friday. It is important to me that everyone knows that a) it's not my choice to go early and b) the head has no GOOD reason to do this. Especically after a colleague went off sick at the end of september and after 4 weeks we were told she had resigned. I didn't want to be seen the same way.
    Was really not happy about this to begin with but with the parents knowing and speaking to me about it and having the chance to let friends and colleagues know myself i feel a lot better and i am now going to enjoy my freedom. Party friday afternoon with the children and going out with colleagues after school.
  5. good luck to you and enjoy your break.
  6. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    sounds like you are better off out of there! I still don't understand why she wants to pay you to do nothing - but enjoy it, however, do check your wages over month to ensure you are actually getting paid and check it out with your union! Does your HT still need to write a reference for your new school??
    Enjoy and look forward to your new life!

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