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Just been inspected under the new framework...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by Baggy1980, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. If they'd have inspected Titanic as often as teachers, lives would have been saved and the ship would have still been afloat. Methinks education may just be about to hit its own iceberg?
    Suspect that they're all trying to cling to their sinecures while teachers pick up the wreckage and try to help survivors!
  2. Sorry to add what might essentially be construed as a commercial tilt to the forum but www.bluewaveswift.co.uk offer a piece of school improvement software that can really help with evaluation makers that Ofsted measure against.
    This is the NEW SEF not the old. It works against an Ofsted Quality standards framework and helps you to not only understand what you are being measured against but aid in the administration of creating reports, being ready for inspection and creating an interlinked evidential database proving a auditable link between all school activities.
    Sections include the NEW SEF, School Development Plans, CPD and Performance management that all work together to create a highly comphrensive whole school improvement system.

    I'll not go on about it too much, merely suggest you take a look.

  3. Another tick box framework scheme.
    But very colourful.
  4. 'Tick box scheme' ? Doesn't look that way to me. Seems to be more qualitative than anything else out there and from what I hear it's leading edge.

    Personally I can't bear to think we're destined to be paper based forever.
  5. just attended meetings, by invitation, concerning Ofsted inspections. People seemed to be working scared surely this is not in the best interests of the students or allowing the teacher to perform at their best while constantly looking over their shoulder. The substantial cost of running this controling body would in my opinion be better spent in helping the education system by <u>supervising</u> not <u>critisising</u>
  6. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    All the comments i have read is why i maintain Ofsted is on of the mosst damaging organistion to our school system....how can you achieve if they constantly move the goal posts, bring in criterea which is niegh on unreachable,downgrade the outstanding efforts of all staff and cause massive palputations with in the leadership of head and governors.
    They dont actually improve a school with inspections, especailly if they are concentrating upon paper trails than real evedence of actual teaching
    Ofsted Is basically a political tool to keep school in a state of flux and concern, rether than looking to se if its doing its job in real terms of pupil progress and quality.........Nothing wrong to seeing what teachers and the management is up to.....but to have you in mortal fear..NO!
    Shame the old HMI's no longer do their job, although i remember a few of those when i passed my first probation year........they didnt hold punches, but as ex teachers they also suggested ways forward that you can follow.

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  7. Chris - totally agree. With the axe about to fall everywhere re finance, I can only assume that they are deliberately downgrading schools and teaching in order to perpetuate their own posts. After all, if more schools are 'failing' (and remember that a Satisfactory grading is now deemed to be faling and puts the school into constant monitoring mode by the Death Eaters from Ofsted), then they can argue their case for exemption from the cutbacks.
    How the govt. squares all this with the argument that we've now got the best trained teachers ever I don't know. We've just had our LEA review (a pre Ofsted mock inspection). Despite us having our best Year 6 results - above local and national average in Maths, Science & Lit (a real tribute to ALL the teachers who've taught them as they've moved up the school) - we were essentially failed.
    We are all of the mind that this was a purely political decision, for reasons we know not, and that they (and Ofsted) decide their gradings arbitarily, based on an undisclosed quota system they're given.
    Based on this I'm just going to carry on doing what I'm doing as I figure that I can't change a predetermined outcome, and frankly I can't be a*sed. I know I'm a good teacher - I'm not taking any notice of a parasite with no educational background, sitting in judgement. I'll take advice from my head of year and other senior figures, who know what they're taIking about thanks. I figure that once they've been in it's done, and our head seems the type who is confident in his own judgement of what he sees going on in the classroom. Last time we were 'Ofsteded' 3 years ago (under the old framework), My lesson was judged mostly 70% good/30% satisfactory which meant it was satisfactory over all(!) You can't argue with these clowns. You can only despise them for their brownshirt mentality and for the fact that many of them don't have a teaching background. I live in hope that they will get their come uppance in the not too distant future

  8. It's been three years since our last inspection so we are awaiting one under the new framework. We are in an extremely deprived area with high unemployment and crime. Our children love coming to school everyday, we give them great opportunities and have fantastic teachers. However the new inspection framework has us quaking in our boots. Standards are well below national average in Reading and writing and not all of our children make 2 sub levels. Staff morale is so low. I overheard some of our best teachers saying that they'd rather work in Asda.

    I just wish that the government would recognise the fantastic things that go on in schools everyday and let us get on with doing what's best for the children in our community.
    Every teacher starts their career with passion and enthusiasm but so many are now leaving with stress.
    It's so sad.
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  9. The problem is the education secretary (who, as you may know, is Balls) who is acting like member of a new government with regard to teachers ("raising the bar" etc.) rather than one on the way out.
    This is the man who didn't think Kent's 2 tier education system should make any difference with regard to the targets set for schools there (See National Challenge).
    you can't win with someone like that at the helm...
  10. Im also nervously awaiting my first OFSTED and have no idea what to expect. I have a child with severe ADHD/behavioural problems in my class who we have a multitude of strategies in place for, but he still is very disruptive to the rest of the class. I dont think i could physically teach a lesson where all children progressed with him around. I know every class has a child like that or similar, and i simply dont know how it is done!

    Ive never even met an OFSTED inspector and I already hate them, purely because what in gods name is the point in providing a negative judgement without any constructive advice!?
    Imagine if when teaching we said to ours kids "Your maths is rubbish" and provided them with no advice on a way forward - how can a governing body for TEACHING be so hypocritical! It makes me so angry.
  11. mrcooldude

    mrcooldude Occasional commenter

    Jeez...try the current framework! :D
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  12. s10327

    s10327 Occasional commenter

    There should be some sort of coloured bar across this thread everytime a new framework came out...
  13. sanriku

    sanriku New commenter

    Huh. I’d have loved 30 minutes to show what I and my students can do.

    We’ve just had an inspection and they were coming into lessons for 5-10 minutes, didn’t speak to teachers at all, not out in corridors or playground. We very much got the impression they had come in with an idea and were looking for evidence to prove it. My inspector came in fifteen minutes before lunch, made faces, shook her head, then left confidential data lying on a desk when she walked out after ten minutes.

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