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Just been inspected under the new framework...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by Baggy1980, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Ditto!!!
    We were inspected two weeks ago and it was not a great experience for us!!! The team were very professional and supportive but they are shrewd and they do have a clear agenda. It is all about data and expected pupil progress and this assumption that all children progress at the same rate...... who came up with these measures??
    Like so many of you we have moved from good to satisfactory and we've got better at so many things.. apparently three years ago I was described as an 'Outstanding' headteacher now I am 'satisfactory' I don't feel I've changed, I have now ..... got a few more grey hairs in the last two weeks though and feel quite saddened about where schools are going to end up!!!!
    Keep smiling guys they come and they go !!!!!!!![​IMG]
  2. I feel so sorry for all teachers working in the UK. Fortunately I escaped to teach in mainland Europe before the job finished me off completely. The UK government absolutely works its teachers to death and everyone has totally unrealistic expectations of us. I always find it extremely telling that the only jobs you hear advertised on the television are those for teachers, social workers, police officers and the army. I have never heard a recruitment advert for bankers, lawyers or accountants!! So sorry you had such a hard time being "Ofsteded".
  3. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Intolerant, I think you are missing the purpose of a chatroom, which FYI is to 'chat', be informal and discuss issues and debates in education. It is not necessarly to accurately spell, watch for grammatical errors and punctuate accordingly the current issues and debates in education. I truly believe that communication must be accurate in the 'real world' but I think the majority of our collegues on here will agree with me when I say online freedom of expression is more important than accurate pedantry.
  4. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    P.S. I spelt something wrong because I was had the temerity to freely type my thoughts! Next I'll be using apostrophes inappropriately; anyone fancy some orange's or tomato's?
  5. I feel very sorry for you.My school was inspected at the end of the summer term and it was a demoralising experience which almost made a few of the teachers give up teaching.Improvements in standards were just not good enogh for ofsted even though we had data to show that children were coming into school with much lower levels of knowledge in the basics such as literacy and maths. They did not seem to be listening to the improvements the school had made and in fact we had our best ever results for maths this year. Due to this I will no longer pay much attention to Ofsted reports as feel we were given a really hard time.
  6. BTW - because this site does not seem to tolerate cutting and pasting with any formating, and because I thought it was SOOOOO important to get th'e punctuation wite. I have uploaded a copy that is properly formatted, for your staffroom wall. I think that posting this story will be particularly advantageous just before your Ofsted visit.

    you may download it here.....

  7. or here!

  8. I'm a NQT (though graduated 2 years ago) and on long term supply in a school which is due to be inspected at any moment.
    I have absolutely no idea what to expect and, due to staff illness etc, I have only been in my class a couple of weeks (started at the school in September.)
    I'm still trying to get my head round APP so I'm absolutely bricking it at the thought of OFSTED - especially after reading the posts on here!!
    Any advice please??
  9. We were inspected last march as part of the pilot inspection. We were given a few days notice. One of the five inspectors (Dr Death!!) viewed the maths department and humanities. Everybody he viewed he rated as satisfactory. Then pupils at the school eho he interviewed complained to the lead inspector that he was asking negative leading questions. He was also out of step with the opinion of the rest of the inspection team in being very negative about the school.As a result he was asked to leave on the second day by the inspectorate team. This gave me great faith in the integrity of the new system.
  10. what I wonder is why we, as a profession stil put up with the whole pile of s**t.
    We should just all fail to co-operate with the whole thing. It is a politically motivated, statistical game with no relevance to education and we should say so, through our union, through our votes and through direct action. I am flabbergasted at my fellow teachers' compliance with this garbage.
    Can i start a petition to put a stop to it right now?!!!
  11. We're expecting our phonecall in January but have just heard from our LEA that they're giving us a 'mock inspection' at the beginning of December to help us prepare! I'm really worrying, the classroom stuff I can manage but Im also literacy co-ordinator and this will be my first ofsted as a subject leader. Do you have any idea what questions your literacy co-ordinator was asked (if you're in a primary school) I just feel really overwhelmed and don't want to let anyone down!
  12. Same here Shaw. I'm not so worried about the classroom stuff as I know what to expect (even though it's still v stressful) but I'm also a core subject leader and it will be my first Ofsted as a subject leader. I'm in a special school and am really stressing as have absolutely no clue what an inspector could ask me about my subject so I don't really know what to prepare. It's really scary!
  13. HAHAHAHA!!!

    This thread is very funny - all of you lot still putting up with OFSTED inspections! I had enough back in 2000 & packed it all in, moved abroad, and the difference is incredible. No targets, no inspections, freedom to choose what & how to teach. That & the money is rather better than in the UK.
    Life is short so why not do what you want in the way that you want to do it? You really do not have to put up with all that ****.
  14. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    SMT should do role-play with you but in saying that they didn't for me as they thought they wouldn't be interested in me - BIG MISTAKE! They were, for over an hour!
  15. Does Ofsted really think their new framework will improve teaching and learning? Most of us are good (old-fashioned meaning) teachers with hearts and educational practises in the right place. We also have mortgagues, university fees etc to pay for. Isn't it sad that so many of us wish we could run out the door and the only thing stopping us is the bills we need to pay? There are days when we forget the beaurocracy, new initiatives and all that jazz and we teach well and the children learn loads because we are relaxed, unshackled and therefore at our most creative. Give us a framework and a little trust and you will improve the education system!
  16. Well said framework!
  17. To have an average, someone must be below average for others to be above it.
    Seems an odd sort of measure then.
    Distance travelled, and improvement seems more likely to mean something.
  18. How long before we need to feed them well and send them out leaner and taller?
  19. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    It should. And under the old regime it did, to some extent. But the emphasis has shifted. Part of me thinks we should all stop playing the game and when all schools are in a category they might just realise that there is something wrong with the whole regime
  20. That is my point, indiantalkingstick.

    They are far more interested in raw data under the new framework, and take less interest in the context. For example gradings for attendance are measured against a national average. For a school like mine, meeting such a figure is naturally far more difficult, simply because of the social factors that reduce attendance in areas of social deprevation.

    The whole thing is a joke, and will deter good teachers and leaders from teaching in the schools which arguably need them the most.

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