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Just been inspected under the new framework...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by Baggy1980, Sep 19, 2009.

    I worked hard but very happily for many years in the private sector in the Middle East before coming back to second rate educational establishments and poor facilities etc. in this country.
    The whole system stinks.
    Teachers must be the only profession who are degraded so much and made to feel they know so very little.
  2. This is a heartfelt and echoed piece - and should be sent to the powers that be! I also have concerns that there may be robotic - tick box machines being churned out of teacher training and far too many politicians running schools!!!
  3. My 'brilliant' comment was for this piece.
    How come so many teachers are so dissatisfied with Ofsted and yet they still allow themselves to be trampled on in the same old way?
    Probably because we all want to be told we ARE good at what we do!
    (And we need the money)
  4. It may be that in snatched moments, mistakes will occur. I get little time to mark students' work - let alone redraft my own!!! (Please excuse the inappropriate use of the exclamation mark.)
  5. bgr1978

    bgr1978 New commenter

    Hi all,
    It may be that, in this climate of political change, it is finally time for us to raise our heads out from under our mountains of paperwork and let our collective voice be heard again.
    The last few governements may have pretty much silenced our unions but surely, if we all feel so passionately that the systems which we are working under do not work, we can find some way of changing the system.
    The overwhelming feeling of this thread seems to be one of distrust towards both the sytem of teaching in place (with all of the dictated systems of strands, sub-strands, assessment foci, data-managing etc) and the system of assessing our work. Therefore, if we don't trust the way we are being told to teach, don't trust the outcomes of this system and don't agree with the way we are monitored, how on earth do we expect the product of this system (the students) to be up to standard.
    As a relatively new, and so far quite successful, teacher, I find it extremely distressing that we are forced to adhere to systems which we realise don't work, have little faith in and distrust at every step.
    If anyone has any suggestions as to what we can do, short of standing outside Westminster shouting 'Viva la revolution!", please pass them on.
    I'd be more than willing to stand up and be counted for my beliefs: if we were all willing to do so then maybe we could get something actually changed! Until then we'll just keep 'bitching' about it on forums on the 'net!
    Rant over! Any ideas?

  6. bgr1978

    bgr1978 New commenter

    Obviously this should have read 'system' not 'sytem'!
    The overwhelming feeling of this thread seems to be one of distrust towards both the <u>sytem</u> of teaching in place (with all of the dictated systems of strands, sub-strands, assessment foci, data-managing etc) and the system of assessing our work.
  7. garem

    garem New commenter

    I heartily agree with you about this; I was beginning to think I was the only pedant reading these comments. The dreaded "greengrocer's apostrophe" rears its ugly head every now and then too. I just wish that educators were educated.
  8. OFSTED, or a rather convincing clone of the Stasi! A complete waste of everybody&rsquo;s time and effort. Why do we teachers run about like headless chickens attempting to jump through hoops? What is the point? Especially when in OFSTED&rsquo;s dictionary the meaning of satisfactory is at odds with that given in the New Oxford Dictionary (just an example of the alternative universe that these people seem to live in.) We should be concentrating on educating the kids rather than massaging Ed Balls&rsquo; and his cronies&rsquo; egos. I.M Cheestoft
  9. sueemc

    sueemc New commenter

    what a great thread! I've just moved schools - into one with terrible results (uh-ho) from one with above average (outstanding last time). We will be inspected some time this academic year. Whatever I do, I can't change the results (or previous lack of progress) in my new school. I believe the inspectors will base their judgements on prior data, so where is my motivation?
    Wouldn't it be better for inspctors not to see the 'data' until after seeing the rest - can they predict the attainment correctly? Seems fairer to me!
    I think someone should create a short documentary on the Ofsted process, recording interviews and comments and observed lessons - from the teacher perspective naturally. It would be fascinating and show how it really is (vital teacher training).
    To the grammar pedants - this is an online forum - which usually means an informal place of discussion. I s'pose you can't text either (or hate it sooo much). There's a time and place, and this isn't it! Oh and btw (by the way) language/communication is constantly evolving so gwi (get with it, lol!)
  10. We were "visited" by OFSTED at the end of September and I haven't really recovered. It came 4 months early and I (the Headteacher) was signed off school with back problems. This made no difference to the OFSTED going ahead said the inspector! I took up the HT post last Easter and my Deputy took up her post just after (although we have been in the school as teachers for some time). I conducted the hour and a quarter interview over the phone from my home despite my osteopath advising me to reduce my stress as my back muscles were in spasm and I was in considerable pain. My poor deputy and staff were left to carry us through it which has left me feeling that I have completely let them down and has added to my stress and feelings of inadequacy. We nearly failed because the inspector wanted a different set of data than I had provided - mine was too detailed!! We also nearly failed because of our midday supervisors were deemed to be not safeguarding pupils to the standard- something with which I was dealing with before I hurt my back. I was in the ridiculous position of having to go into school at the end of our first day of inspection to work with my deputy to present further data so that we would not fail. We left school at 1.30 a.m. the following morning, both so exhausted that we couldn't even think straight! This has left me feeling that the whole system stinks! It is like being forced to take an exam in a language that you only learnt a month ago (when we were able to download a copy of the new framework) and for which the goalposts for acheivement had just been raised much higher. We have had so much work to do to bring the school up to where it should be and yet we still got satisfactory the same as the previous inspection!. The lead inspector was very human and understanding so I don't feel as if we were at a disadvantage there. I got the feeling that she was trying to help us as was stated in my pre-ofsted training. However, it is the system which is at fault in that it is still data driven and very rigid, and does not take into account the amount of work all staff do, the cohorts we teach and the geographical areas in which we teach. It seems to be one size fits all!!
    The best advice I could give anyoune facing OFSTED is go through the evaluation framework with a fine tooth comb and make sure your new SEF has evidence of impact against all the areas of judgement. Then try to ascertain how the inspector wants to see the evidence/data presented. Thirdly, make sure the pupils can speak "OFSTED" language- we had a problem in that we were given a low grade in community cohesion due to our pupils not being able to talk about what they did in this area using the words which the inpsector wanted. Then, be prepared to support the young teachers who have worked their socks off and feel utterly demoralised because they "only got a satisfactory".
    I am now taking the rest of my time off work to change my career as the role is too demanding and detrimental to my health. I have almost lost the will to care anymore and that is after 30 years of my life being totally devoted to teaching! (I didn't have a family because I loved teaching so much). I only hope my experience in all this isn't repeated as I fear that we will be losing more good, particularly young, teachers to this profession and it will be the poorer for it.
    Sorry to go on but my heart goes out to all of you in this situation!
  11. We are in the catagory NTI ('notice to improve' for those of you who speak our language properly), what a nonsense. Is this the inbetween beating post? Not satisfactory, but not going to get any money or time to sort yourself out? I remember the days when we were excellent.
    If we treated the pupils the way OFSTED is treating its schools and teachers we would be shut down and struck off. They are bullies! How would their behaviour hold up in court they are destroying the profession and the education of our young people.The huge cut backs in funding that the government are promising could easily be addressed - abolish OFSTED and SATS - save millions!! Result sanity!
  12. "They wanted to see daily and weekly risk assessments for all EYFS classes (fortunately we had them)."
    it is normal to undertake a risk assessment for all new activities, new areas of work (say an extension to the building). Risk assessments should be reviewed depending upon the likelyhood of a siuational change; an annual review would normally be adequate for most tasks, backed up by inspections for environment, general & fire risks. A review should also be undertaken after any change or any incident (failure of a safe working method procedure to protect/prevent accidents, near-misses, etc).
    I have had two different L'pool schools query this with me today - further panic on the safeguarding trail!!!!!



  13. I agree totally with your last comments. Only problem is what would our gallant and upstanding masters have to beat us with. I am still stunned at the lack of fight from the unions over this issue and many others. I am by far a radical left wing protester but I cannot for the life of me understand how unions that are there to represent members well being and rights have stood by and let this just pass through. I know that many think that we have an easy ride as teachers, Long holidays, early finishes etc and that as tax payers they need to get their monies worth but if we used the same measures for MP and Finance sector performance they would all be turned into acadamies or closed down. I laugh when hear MP's say they are judged by the public on election day. It sounds like the tories are going to keep and strengthen the big whip brigade. Never mind only 7 years to go!!!
  14. ajl


    Just finished our ofsted inspection today and have found it a much more gruelling experience than the last, three years ago. You must have data and evidence to support everything. The main feedback from lesson observations is that students should not only be able to say what level they are currently working at but also what else they can do to progress to the next level and this should be reflected in the marking of books also. Value added is important too, especially with some of the more vulnerable student groups.
  15. Just remember it could be worse - you could be in special measures with an inspection every half term (LEA followed by HMI) ensuring you tick the boxes all the time! Knowing that when (if) you get out to expect an OFSTED within the year!
  16. We also have just had our Ofsted last week.
    We teach in a tough area but can prove that our children make good or outstanding progress over time. Nearly all our judgements were good, but we can only be deemed as satisfactory because our results are below national average. I just heard today of one school judged to be 'satisfactory with outstanding features'!!

    Whatever made them make changes like this when a general election is looming. Lots of schools will be seen to be not as good as they were, even though they have actually improved on their 'good' from the last inspection. I hope schools listen to those who have just been through this new inspection and prepare themselves accordingly.
  17. Keighleigh

    Keighleigh New commenter

    I have read this thread and I am very nervous. I thought that they would recognise the "challenging" pupils that we work with on a daily basis and accept if they haven't made progress due to the difficulties in their lives. Looks as though from this thread it's all about attainment and with our schools scores...satisfactory, here we come!!!!

    Mind you, reading sokme of the posts, hope we don't get notice to improve. Wouldn't be nice! Off to have a nose at a local school to see if I can learn anything!!!

  18. What are the key differences in lesson observations grades / grade descriptors between the old and new OFSTED frameworks?
  19. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Thiis Is one point that I have Huge issues with, I do tell the children what they need to do to make their work even better. I do not harp on about levels. They need to know what they need to work on as individuals not as a group within a level. Not elequently put, sorry long day, long staff meeting!
    I am so fed up with hearing what we should be doing for Ofsted, I want to concentrate on what I need to do for the children.
    OOOHH I needed that little rant.

  20. musodave

    musodave New commenter

    <u>Here is one who did leave government schools</u> and I bless the day I made the decision. I went through four gruelling OFSTEDs and many upsetting link advisor visits in my fifteen years in English schools. I ask all of you the question I asked myself. Why do we comply with this unjust regime? Is it really about helping kids? This is why we all enter teaching initially. From your heartfelt letters I sense growing anger and misery as the goalposts get changed yet again! My first OFSTED , in 1997 , bears NO resemblence to those currently in operation. Well in 2006 I decided it was all about playing politics and I can tell you I saw some pretty cruel things done to good teachers in that time who did not fit the mould.

    I made the change to independent schools and I have loved every minute of it. Far more social cachet in my community is one difference...no longer the poor old long suffereing teacher. I fought the good fight for social injustice and I have the t-shirt. No guilt at all. One last thing you might like to consider. I knew many teachers who slaved until 65 years of age only to die within one year of retirement. Is the system really worth it? What real good is it going to do your country? Not nuch as far as I can see.

    Coda...many excellent teachers in the independent system feel pretty much like me. Think about it.

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