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Just been inspected under the new framework...

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by Baggy1980, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    They wanted to see that they were fit for purpose - county ones will be, don't worry. And they checked to see if they were signed by all adults (eg if you went on a trip all the helpers signed) and then by the headteacher.
    For the eyfs risk assessments they just wanted to check that we had covered all possibilities really.
  2. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    I was interviewed twice - once as a teacher (ok) and once in my coordinator role (nrichment across college so no pass rates which they wanted but head argued not the point. There was three of us in the room for 1.5hrs and an hour was based on me - felt awful after but SMT said responses were fine. I got a grade two teaching - no weaknesses? I usually get 1-2s so I am still in line with previous grades although a collegue missed out on a 1 due to not explicitly stating gender/ethnicity enough in her lesson plan! Last day and then I can collapse!
  3. I didn't know we had to?!? Eeek! Well done bob, sounds like it's going well.
    I'm petrified about being interview as subject coordinator as I have no idea what they might ask and am terrified of being asked about something I don't know about or haven't done. At my school we are very much left to our own devices and never given guidance or monitoring so have no idea if what I'm doing is right!
  4. damplink

    damplink New commenter

    "And they checked to see if they were signed by all adults (eg if you went on a trip all the helpers signed)"

    What on earth is the point of this??

  5. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    I guess its to confirm that all the helpers have had sight of it? We don't do this, but perhaps should?
  6. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Interesting how people are experiencing the performance part of this - talking about below average not being good enough. Last time I checked, half of all schools in this country are below average...so are half of all schools going to get unsatisfactory?
    I must admit to not being fully aware of all the new criteria...I honestly don't want to be! They will always find something to criticise schools for, otherwise their existence would be pointless.
    A secondary school local to me was apparently told it would be at best satisfactory because it has a front fence that is too low! These idiots should find something better to do with their time.
  7. NicoleK

    NicoleK New commenter

    We got the call today- they are coming on Wednesday. We're all dreading it as we got outstanding last time.We think that under the new framework we are going to go down a category even though we have progressed further from where we were.
  8. At least it's not just us then!
    Inspected last week and got NTI (Though bizarrely it may take 7 weeks for report to be published so could be Jan before process starts!!).
    Got mostly 1s and 2s but a 4 for attainment and 4 for progress (in deprived area and 2009 results for KS2 were dire - appealed after poor marking but got nowhere).
    Feel really let down by the whole process. Inspecion team kept apologising and saying it was a lovely school, kids a delight, parents supportive 100%. Teaching 50% good or better.
    What a ridiculous result! If we were poor overall I'd accept it better, but we're not.

  9. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Jellytot, so sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I think it's going to be a pattern across the country. Since Ofsted have moved the goalposts yet again there is little incentive to work with the children who need teachers the most. What a stupid, idiotic regime. I wonder what will happen when great swathes of schools fall into an ofsted category? Maybe someone in government will introduce primary academies for "failing" schools, or am I just a tad cynical?
  10. We were "done" last week. Stayed at Good overall, but last time we were Good with several Outstandings. This time we are still Good but with 1 outstanding and a couple of satisfactory areas. Relief all round.
    I do wonder how any school will get Outstanding under this regime.
    The inspectors were still feeling their way around the new framework and were open to SMT arguing our case on a cuople of points.
    Safeguarding, which we were worried about because of all the "horror stories" was fine. Inspectors now have new guidance that if they come across "admin" errors on SCR that can be put right by the end of the inspection they do not fail Safeguarding.
  11. Hold a mirror in the face of the Inspector as soon as she/he arrives. If you see breath or a reflection on the miiror you will be fine!
  12. Interesting. We were inspected last week. There's criticism of teachers teaching for exams, but our head is OFSTEd obsessed and all our planning INSET you name it has been to please OFSTED regardless of whether the staff feel these areas are priorities.
    We had so many Exemplification and Sampling folders they were stacked like mountain ranges. We were all holding onto inspectors and forcing them to look at yet another piece of 'evidence'. It paid off in that we got outstanding, but it makes me shiver that the whole school has been manipulated in this way by the head. It's like she looked at the framework and wrote all the school targets so that we hit the right buttons.
  13. PS
    I actually rather liked the inspector I met. It's the head's approach I find difficult to stomach.
  14. It's the same in Scotland.Why are teachers so afraid to stand up and be counted.The inspection process is simply that--a PROCESS.You cannot measure a school using their tick-box criteria.The sooner teachers stand together and have confidence in their professionalism the sooner the job will be enjoyable again instead of an ordeal--always looking over your shoulder.We are dealing with PEOPLE.
    For confirmation of the absurdity--google The red Bead Experiment and all will become clear.I speak as a retired HT.
  15. I am so at where you are, it is very difficult to explain this type of class to anyone unless you are actually involved in teaching one. If it's any comfort I thought I was reading about my own class when I read about yours! I am sure you are a great teacher, remember, like my mum used to say, you can only do the best that you can do. Good luck!
  16. After 38 years in teaching, having been an AST before they were invented, having wide range of experience, a degree in management, high praise for my department in a previous ofsted, one which saved the rest of the school from special measures and finally, finally, finally I am ready to accept that I may be deemed to be a failure due to this new nonsense and 4 previous ofsteds...I am ready to take early retirement and leave the younger teachers who havehigh ideals hopes and aspirations...what a shame....I'm off to support the home educators, good luck to them and what happy and free children....

  17. I work in a CLD school we have just been through OFSTED - it was terrible, totally demotivating as with mainstream they are only interested in progress made (academic) not in behaviour management, social skills, self esteem etc They only go by a snap shot and judge on that. it is a joke they do not take into account eh complex needs of our pupils or the huge progress they make
  18. oh dear!! I'm just returning to teaching after a 4 year break, completed a Return 2 teaching course in May - hope I've made the right decision!!
  19. If most in your area are depraved I feel sorry for you even without inspection!
  20. Ask yourself why you left in the first place.

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