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Just an idea for jobseekers like me in Dorset...

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by msmuse, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. msmuse

    msmuse New commenter

    I don't know about you all but I am feeling really despondent, and no-one I know really understands the sheer frustration and pathetic-ness I feel as a repetitively unsuccessful applicant. It would be so nice to meet up and share experiences and ideas to make us more confident (and have fun at the same time!). Does anyone else think this could be a good idea?
  2. Hi Babe
    Yeah I know. I also havent managed to find a teaching job for september either after working my socks off doing this for 12months. And yes I agree it does feel awful. I dont think there has been any more I can do. My friends dont really understand, and continue to ask me how the job hunting is going (when the schools have now all closed) and saying something will come up.
    I need somewhere new to live but can't move without a work contract, so its looking like I'll have to go back to my parents.
    I had an interview for a support role last week, 8 of us there, only 2 candidates werent teachers and yep u guessed it those 2 got the jobs.
    So Im wondering what to do. I have tried to register for general temp work, but understandably they wonder why I want to do office work when I am a qualified teacher. Especially when theres a massive shortage of any kind of jobs.
    So Im considering returning to my old career, and somehow having to explain that I made a mistake trying to do the teaching.
    I could wait and do supply, but tbh I dont think I will be any better a teacher in September/October than I was in June/July, if I couldnt get a teaching job then Im really not convinced I will get one in the future. Though admittadly 3 of the interviews I had the job went to internal candidates, so maybe by doing supply something will come up.
    Hey ho, sorry, wish I could sound more positive :)

  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Great idea -but lack of finances will probably not make it a reality for many of us -especially with the price of petrol at present!
  4. You're definitely not alone in this. I'm in S.Yorks so probably nowhere near you though! Sorry.

    There's so many unemployed teachers out there feeling exactly the same way and we totally understand the feeling! My friends don't really "get it" and my parents just say "there's plenty of primary school jobs - just do that!". I'm secondary RE and wouldn't feel comfortable or get a look in due to competition for primary roles! They still don't understand even when I explain!

    I bit the bullet and applied for education based jobs outside of teaching and now have an interview for a job working at a university. Not sure how I managed to get it but there you go! I don't trust the teaching jobs market or supply after speaking to my uni tutor, yes I'm jumping the gun a bit but I feel very insecure being an unemployed teacher.

    Something will come up for everyone in the end, even if it's not a teaching post I hope we all end up with a job we love!

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