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June 2012 AQA INFO3 Pre-release

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by AwakeDreamingUK, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. The pre-release for the exam was released yesterday. I have, just this minute, downloaded it. First impressions are that it is a rubbish attempt to be 'down with the kids'.
    I have my year 13s first period today so will be able to analyse it in more detail then, but I am interested to see what anybody else thinks of it.
  2. Just been through it with my year 13s. They didn't really like the scenario, especially in comparison to the Jan 2012 pre-release. We have, though, identified a number of areas that could be examined on:

    • Data storage - security, backup, recovery
    • System Life Cycle - particularly approach to the Analysis, identifying requirements, talking to relevant individuals (business team vs university staff)
    • Bespoke vs off-the-shelf systems
    • Linear vs iteractive methodology
    • Creating ICT strategy - especially thinking about finances, alignment to business goals
    • Recruitment - how many staff, what sort of skills
    • Use of ICT in publicity at youths - mailshots vs social networking
    • Outsourcing vs inhouse
    My immediate reaction is to have questions on:

    • How can you ensure the data is stored safely and securely?
    • Compare the approach of team 'Hope' vs team 'Endurance' in establishing requirements
    • Compare how the teams propose ICT to be used for publicity
    • Benefits/drawbacks of outsourcing vs inhouse
    • Identify the most appropriate form of ICT provision
    • Appropriate choice of ICT software to meet the requirements - customer records, publicity, accounting, etc.
  3. Alycya

    Alycya New commenter

    I'm with you - I hate the format! Lots of waffly stuff at the beginning that doesn't really add much and will just confuse students.
    I'm glad we did the January exam, but I have one student doing the resit in June - he's going to really struggle with this as he's an overseas student. I'm going to have to really break it down for him so he doesn't get lost in the waffle.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the content - I'd identified some of those but you've come up with a much more comprehensive list.
  4. Thanks Awake - I couldn't agree more - there seems little point in all the stuff about "SP"
  5. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    Well there no Hope for Endurance......;-)

  6. I have to agree with your comments. What are AQA playing at? Their GCSE ict controlled assessments were rubbish this year, and now a double whammy with nonsense in the pre release stuff. Does no one monitor quality at this exam board? Is it all somebody else's problem? We are moving exam boards from September. This reassures me that the correct call was made.
  7. very good[​IMG]
  8. I tried to visit forum by following the above mentioned link but it did not work.
    Please post correct URL and the Thread name. Thanks
  9. I also just done the 1st lesson on this and I totally agree such waffle.... what board are you moving to? I have never enjoyed aqa that much
  10. We are totally hacked off with ICT, and more totally hacked off with AQA. We we told that there would be big improvements in both their GCSE and their A Level ICT courses with the recent syllabus changes, so stupidly, we stuck with them, albeit with reservations. This has proven to be a complete and total ****** of a decision by me! I am <u>very very very an</u><u>gry with AQA</u> over their GCSE ICT. The Unit 3 has taken an age to get pupils through, no where near the 25 hours in the specification and this was obvious as well from the AQA meeting I went to. They got it completely wrong and caused me and my two colleagues huge amounts of extra work. The marking was horrendous as well, but that's another story.
    The Unit 2 was not much better. Both controlled assessments were just so boring. Our pupils hated it, like running through thick mud. Now this **** on the A Level. Anyway, I don't care anymore. we made the decision to change boards in February and to kick ICT into touch once and for all. We spent a lot of time visiting schools doing Computing last year with OCR, both at the A Level and GCSE. The A Level got the thumbs up from EVERYONE. The GCSE less so, but all said they would recommend it, despite a few problems.
    AQA, frankly, are a disgrace. They do not care about standards. They can't estimate times that projects should take for toffee. And they have no imagination. No one is monitoring whichever dipsticks are producing their assessment materials, I suspect, because they are too afraid to get involved and be seen taking responsibility.They need to start by issuing a huge apology to all schools, teachers and pupils for the GCSE.
    We did complain to OFQUAL about them as well last year. All they said was refer the complaint to AQA!
  11. we use edexcel for GCSE and they seem much more organised in general, although they did make changes to the CAB this year after we had started. The work they set is usually ok in terms of keeping the kids interest, though the modelling tasks are very challenging for the students to understand and take far too long to complete. As for marking I seem to plan my whole life around marking CAB work.

    Talking of which need to get on with some marking

  12. I have contacted the studentroom.co.uk as the post is now inaccessible, i'll get another link on here once I hear from them.
    Have to say if you ignore the waffle the pre-release isn't that bad, it does have some good links with systems developments.
  13. can you upload the pre release to me

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