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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by JO9832, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. JO9832

    JO9832 New commenter

    is anyone going to be covering the queens jubilee and if so any thoughts about what you will do. I am in Nursery and just starting to 'mull' things over .


  2. We recently read the queen's knickers and wrote to the queen, the children were very excited to get a reply. They also designed their own knockers for the queen to wear. This was in Reception rather than Nursery though. The book was enough to get the children interested in finding out more about the Queen though. We were thinking of having a garden party for the jubilee in school; wearing posh clothes, making cucumber sandwiches and little cakes etc and making hats to wear.
  3. The whole school are having a street party with party food and traditional games. Lets hope the weather is nice!
  4. we are having a garden party (weather permitting ) the children will be dressed as kings\queens They will bake crown biscuits and decorate them with jelly jewels , make and decorate a crown ,create edible jewelry ( jelly sweets on strawberry shoe laces ) make commerative plates (paper) and we are hoping to have a small fair with hook a duck ,pin the crown on the queen etc
    once you get started im sure the ideas will come thick and fast have a great day =)

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