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Jubilee - benefits question - JSA while pregnant?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by MisterFlibble, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I've just hit the end of my tether... after politely refusing to do half-day free trials, now it's "oh will you do a full-day and only get paid for half of it"...
    I've had enough - I'm nearly 4 months pregnant so pretty much unemployable in terms of looking for jobs in anything minimum wagey at the moment... but I don't know what the situation is regarding being able to sign on while I'm up the duff.
    Any advice cos this is freaking ridiculous.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    At 4 months pregnant you can still sign on for JSA. They would transfer you to a different Benefit later in the pregnancy.
    You should specify teaching as your main jobsearch and if you have been in the profession for around 6 months or more you should be able to restrict your jobsearch to that work, at the usual pay, for the first 13 weeks of your claim.
    You have to be ab to say that you are looking for full-time work and are available for full-time work.
    You don't hav eto take part-time work if that's all that's on offer but may choose to do so and the p/t pay will be compared with your JSA allowance when you declare the pay received (never declare assumed pay before actually getting it). You declare p/t hours worked in each fortnight at the sign-on sessions but enter NIL pay if it's not yet been received. JSA continues until you are in a position to declare take-home pay received and JSA might then be temporarily ceased or reduced for a period.
    Do you have a working partner? If so, you will only be ab to get JSA Contributory, based on your past NI contributions. As a couple you may qualify for Housing Benefit and Council tax relief on application direct with the Housing Dept at the Council IF your household income is low enough.
    If you don't have a partner, you will be assessed for Means-tested JSA as well as Contributory. The JSA allowance will be Contributory for up to 26 weeks if you qualify under NI and would then continue under Income Based (at the same level) when the 26 weeks have expired. However, being a candidate for Income Based allows you to get Rent and Council TAX PAID from the outset and also to be eligible for free NHS services (even help with travel costs to hospital appts in some cases).
    It's not usually worth taking dribs and drabs of p/t work whilst on Income Based JSA as you usually end up working for nothing extra and also complicate your Housing benefit claim.
    Whilst in the benefit syatem, you will be guided about the things you are entitled to in pregnancy/after the birth. There is a helpline too where you can check up on entitlements in case you feel that the jobentre staff are giving contradictory information or seem not to know much! When I was working there for a year from 1996, I noticed from early on that a lot of misinformation was being given out by workers who knew the routine stuff but were less bothered about absorbing the detail of non-standard situations.
    I once left a client at my desk for 5 minutes whilst I rushed out of the building to stop a man who had just been given wrong advice by a colleague of 10 years' standing (I'd been there 5 months). I told the man to come back in and collect a claim form (he had been living abroad in Europe for 5 years and was now unable to get work or afford accommodation and was sleeping on friends' sofas). he looked me up a few weeks later and said that without my intervention he'd have been on the streets by then as he had outstayed his welcome on the sofas. He did qualify for JSA and for Housing benefit after all.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I know where you're coming from with the pathetic offers of work from the agencies!
    I've recently had two reauest, one for 2 hours of CS work at a nearby school and another for just one hour of CS work at a school 10 miles away! I politely pointed out that I was a teacher, not a CS and that elicited the plea to help them out! I suggested that they should be offering the unqualified work to unqualified staff.
    I could earn more at a supermarket, without getting the verbal abuse from teenagers as a given, than being available for random HOURS of CS work.

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