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Jubilee as KS1 Topic - Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Bookshelf2012, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    Already thinking about next term and have decided to look at the Jubilee for first half term, then Olympics after half term.
    Got all the usual printables from ******, activity village etc. - colour a picture of the queen, make a crown etc.
    Am looking for any inspirational and amazing Hist/Geog/Art/Literacy ideas to mix things up! All ideas greatly appreciated.
    Thanks x
  2. could you do something like Cinderella for literacy? we have just done that for 3 weeks in Year 1 and finished with a ball today - kids loved it - might link with the wedding to a prince at the end
  3. Would love to but have just finished a whole term's topic about Fairytales and covered Cinderella, castles, princesses etc. So kind of want to stay away from that side... if possible?!
  4. GARDEN24

    GARDEN24 New commenter

    Could you incorporate castles with fantasy stories? That would give you alot more scope.
  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Geography - Queen is Head of State of about 15 countries, could you do some work on this? Mapwork maybe or looking in more detail at the different countries - compare cultures etc? If representatives from these countries come to the celebrations how will they get there? How far will they have to travel? Who has to travel furthest....Map the journey of the flotilla of boats down the Thames, label key landmarks.
    History - Royal Family, history of Street parties, Silver jubilee
    Science - floating and sinking, materials - link to the flotilla of boats that will sail down Thames, find out about diamonds - where do they come from? How do they end up in jewellry? etc
    DT - design and make their own boat to join the flotilla (link with science), design and make a barge suitable for the Queen (either individual or large scale group barges), design coin/mug/flag...
    English - planning a 'Big Jubilee Lunch' - menus, recipes, instructions to make eg biscuits (crown shaped cutters from Lakeland), invitations, posters, thank you letters, letters to 'important' people inviting them to attend, letters to eg police, fire brigade informing them of the party etc
    Maths - problem solving seating plan for the lunch, symmetrical crowns, counting jewels on crowns, problems based round number 60, measures - making biscuits
  6. Comenius - you are AMAZING!!!!
    That is just what I needed.
    Thank you sooooooooo much! We are having a Big Jubilee Lunch on last day before midterm- didn't even think to link with that!
    Thank you!
  7. Wow some fab ideas there, do you have any for links to religious education?

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