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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Advoca, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I am claiming JSA this holiday, until supply work resumes. I have got to think of three steps of looking for work each week. Now we are in the middle of the holiday, I am finding this more difficult because schools will be back in a few weeks, and admin work at the moment isn't very good. Anyone else struggling to write in their little booklet, what they have been doing to find work?
  2. I am claiming JSA this holiday, until supply work resumes. I have got to think of three steps of looking for work each week. Now we are in the middle of the holiday, I am finding this more difficult because schools will be back in a few weeks, and admin work at the moment isn't very good. Anyone else struggling to write in their little booklet, what they have been doing to find work?
  3. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Look in Tes, e-teach, The Guardian on tuesdays, LA website, local papers.
  4. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Look on job centre website. I've also had to do things like apply for a new CRB with one agency and fill in a form to say I want to stay on the LEA supply list so have written those down too.
    To be honest, last year I had almost the same things down every week as those are the places teaching jobs are advertised and they didn't have a problem with that so just keep putting the same things down (its what most of us do during term-time anyway!)
  5. iceni

    iceni New commenter

    What do I say/put down on my booklet seeing as I got the job I went for last week, but won't be starting until September?

    Do I tell them about the times I am going into school to set up my classroom?

    TBH I started my claim on 14th July and haven't received a bean yet, even though they have OK'd me on paper and I have signed on twice!
  6. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Just say you are seeking temp work till Sept 1st.
  7. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    Tell them you are applying for overseas teaching posts. I used this on quite a few occasions because if I missed a signing on day because I was on holiday I just claimed I was in London having an interview for a job overseas.
  8. Gosh - you used that on quite a few occasions you say - don't they get a bit suss? Haven't they asked to see an interview letter as proof?
  9. Three steps can be as simple as:
    1. ring/attend Jobcentre Plus for job search
    2. Check newspapers (local) you should be aware of the days that the local rags have specialist job sections if appropriate.
    3. Internet searches on well known sites (give the sites names)

    you could also substitute any with: sending out your CV; contact any agencies that you are signed up with; ask friends and family, etc

    all these are acceptable steps to gain employment in the eyes of your friendly advisor !!

  10. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    valley - I don't really think they would get suspicious if you do it once a year during the six weeks holidays.

    In many ways benefit staff like supply teachers because we sign on in July, they give us advice on finding work and then as if by magic we find work again in September, another success story for the Benefits agency.
  11. Ive not recieved any money yet and signed on at the start of the summer holidays...im not entirely sure how people are supposed to survive for 4 weeks waiting JSA isnt that the point of signing on? Im really struggling at the moment..got my second meeting tomorrow and am going to ask them if they know whats going on.
  12. Hello satnav,

    What a wonderful, perceptive comment!

    Given New Labour's obsession with TARGETS etc, we as a body of professionals must sign on in each and every holiday period!!!!

    Giving civil servants a boost whilst geting some 50 odd quid looking for a job in a depressed economy helps all?

    However is it worth signing on for a financial year in which we have paid for some £4500 of NI stamps...i.e. making that particular year qualify for JSA (contribution based)already?
  13. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    It is always worth signing on, it helps the Government get the true picture of teacher unemployment.
  14. iceni

    iceni New commenter

    Impulse - once the claim is processed the money should go into your account 3 working days after you sign on.

    I had this problem and phoned them up. It turns out that they didn't send on the proof that I had signed on (twice) to the relevant department. They got on the case and sorted it out. Had to wait a further 3 days for the money so I wished i'd called them sooner.

  15. I sincerely hope that everyone on this supply forum (not doing supply/ working over summer/ irrespecticve of savings) has signed on for JSA.

    I have met those reluctant to.

    I have had ongoing battles with the D-"SS" over the years and then always got my MP(Lynne Jones) involved. She moved mountains. Ater 5 weeks of messing me about last year, I was paid withing 2 days of her letter reaching the manager of Ravenhurst.

    As Jubilee has said before (she is the expert) - it is worth it as you can join so many courses at disounted rates - it does not depend which type of JSA. you are on.

    I did a French diploma (from the Govt. in France) for a tenner last year - the original price was £180!
    I could not believe it - 3 hours every Satirday morning at Birmingham's foremost language school for a tenner! A tenner! That's a McDona;d's cheapo tasteless meal and a cup of coffee and a McFlurry!

    I think I have now got a reputation with the DSS of "don't meess with her!". As today, I got a letter telling me I was awarded JSA. and a nice cheque!

    No hassle. Nothing. They know what will come their way if they try their tricks.

    Every penny helps.

    If they are being awkward then get your MP. onto them.

    It DOES work. I should know.
  16. iceni

    iceni New commenter

    I threw my 'courses' booklet away as it states in there that only means tested JSA are entitled to a reduction.

    Should I get my MP onto this?
  17. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    Lots of points, so apologies for the length of the post.

    I've also met people who are too proud to sign on. Then they moan that their council tax and rent is crippling them over the holidays. D'oh!

    It took longer than usual to get my first lot of JSA this time around. I phoned them up and they apologised, saying that they were rushed off their feet processing new claims, partly due to the mass lay-offs in the construction industry.

    Filling in that booklet is a pain in the backside. I usually do it the night before I sign on, and it says the same things again and again. I've seen people filling it in while sat in the car outside the Jobcentre.

    Got a letter from the main processing office, or whatever it is called, in my area asking for lots of information about my profession as a supply teacher. When they asked me what my profession was when I signed on I said "teacher", then when they asked how I had been supporting myself I said "doing supply teaching until I get a permanent job". If they withold my JSA after all this palaver I will be most displeased. :x
  18. I'v signed on, got full council tax benefit which isn't to be sniffed at, had a free eye test,and got a massive discount off my new glasses.Remember folks we have been contributing all year round to get this pittance:)
    Oh and i'm looking at courses for Sept, as well as discounted theatre tickets.I'll add up my total at the end:)
    Oh and if anyone needs there dog/cat neutering some vets do a £25 scheme for benefit claimants, sponsored by the Dogs Trust!and don't forget free prescriptions and dental treatment.
  19. Trying to get through to the JSA to ask why my payment hasnt been processed...but it wont even put me in a queue because "all the operators are busy" - isnt that the point of a queue? It just hangs up on me!

    Very frustrating - its nearly the end of the summer holidays, ive been for 3 JSA meetings (spent more in bus fair than ive had from them!) and still not a penny.

    I also wanted to add - when ive been for my meetings the lady's not been in the slightest bit interested in what ive been doing to look for work - she just congratulates me on having a job for september and chats to me for a bit!
  20. The delay you're experiencing is probably because you are down as a supply teacher. There are apparently different rules for supplies - like actors, for some strange reason only known to the powers that be. My claim for JSA took over six weeks last year and it was only when I kicked up a hell of a fuss that the idiots finally sorted it out. I've just signed off as got a job outside of teaching and they're even managed to screw that up!

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