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Jojo Moyes

Discussion in 'Book club' started by giggirl, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Has any one read any of Jojo Moyes' books?
  2. chickpea747

    chickpea747 New commenter

    Funnily enough today I have just finished 'Me before you' as I was recommended it by a friend :)
    Downloaded it on Kindle for about £3 and absolutely loved it! Just get your hankies ready as it is a real tear jerker
  3. I really enjoyed Ship of Brides and then read another which I cant remember the name of-I think it had Peacock in the title and that was good too-but very different-Just cecked it was 'Peacock Emporium' and I am just reading The Horse Dancer. I'm not enjoying this as much-but I think that's because I'm not at all interested in horses its still a good book but if I had a horsey interest I think it'd be better!
  4. Jojo is a friend of mine's niece. Her mother, Jojo's granny, was one of the Australian brides; this made it all the more interesting for me.

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