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Joining a union

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by johnnysaint, May 17, 2011.

  1. Hi Folks
    I've just spent an hour trawling through posts. I'm looking for any information or advice in respect of joining a union but couldn't find anything.
    Any thoughts on which union, if any, is "supply teacher friendly"?
  2. Don't bother. They all sound good until you need them!
  3. It's a personal call after having a look at the risk.
    I jacked the NASUWT two years ago, seen the union bigwig on teachers TV talking about rarely cover. And how it would present 'new opportunites' for supply teachers. very pro cover supervisor as it protects the ppa for its members. (teachers on contract).
    Have seen on this forum saying unions have sometimes fought a case for a supply teacher on some issue.
    On the legal eagle side of things, if it goes pear shaped in school, even if it is the school which may be out of order. The school simply phones the agency and says 'I don't like that supply send me another'. As is their right we are only Temps.
    If it goes seriously pear shaped and you are standing in the dock, Well yes the unions will give you some legal support and their 'briefs' (prison slang for barristors, not M&S underwear) will be experienced in education and the common law.
    However, how often do teachers actually end up in the Dock? if you have no capital you will hopefully qualify for legal aid anyway.
    If the old GTC is on your case for crimes and misdemeaners, then if it goes to the GTC you will be found guilty of something as they only go for winners (from their point of view). They also as I understand employ some hot shot silks and briefs. (strange how talk of the legal profession seems to drift onto pervy metaphor!) So pitch a good union silk against a GTC hotshot silk. The GTC probably do not use the duty solicitor or anyone unqualified in law. However quite happy to maintain standards in teaching by allowing unqualified teachers teach. The GTC silk will probably out play the union silk.
    One of the nastier elements of agency supply, I have seen on some agency app forms the question, 'have you ever been investigated by the GTC? Not have you ever had some restriction order from the GTC? ie been found guilty of something.
    I may add I have never been investigated by the <strike>gestapo</strike> I mean the GTC however if I had I would not tell an agency, even I am not that stupid!
    so it is a personal call I fink
  4. Save your dosh! Anything happens, they'll sell you down the river quicker than you can say"GTC"!
  5. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    In my humble opinion NUT is like NUS for adults - a traditional leftie political campaigning sort of Union. NASUWT is a broader church and tends to focus on professional matters rather than automatically stampeding into left wing political issues.

    None are particularly strong in representing supply teachers' interests, but in fairness to NUT they didn't sign the agreement that led to the introduction and overuse of CS, whilst NASUWT did.

    I'm also a biased - an ex NASUWT rep with my 25 years long service certificate hanging on my fridge as an ironic joke ;-)

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