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Jobshare planning advice please.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Marly83, Jan 21, 2011.

  3. sjw2007

    sjw2007 New commenter

    I've job shared in the past with release time for leadership responsibilities. My main piece of advice is get the ground rules in place first. So decide who is doing what and keep it at that. Bounce ideas off each other by all means. Also remember that if you have year group colleauges then they can take on some of the workload. I would also advise deciding who is going to be doing things like setting and marking homework and also what will happpen if something you do with them doesn't get finisished - if you ask your job share to do it who will mark it etc. I've had some really successful job shares in the past but some truly awful ones too because we didn't set ground rules.
  4. I used to jobshare before having my DD. My partner did Mon and tues and i did Wed to Fri. This is how we planned.
    Before term started we met up at one or the others house with coffee and cakes. We planned the literacy and numeracy in outline. EG weeks 1-3 we will do poetry, in the first week we will aim to do XYZ etc.
    We shared all the other subjects out so she did some on her days and i did the others on my days. At this meeting we discussed what we intended to do to make sure it all went together.
    Then I planned my subjects, she planned hers and we e mailed them to each other for reference.
    She then planned her two days of maths and Lit each week and e mailed them to me and I added mine and sent them back.
    These were pinned to the wall and we wrote on them each day..
    On a Tuesday night I would get an e mail or phone call with a brief overview and info about any changes to the plans I needed to do and how things were going and on a Friday i would let her know what we had done etc. We also shared any info about children and what they had been up to..they never got how we always knew what they had been doing while we were away!!!
    Around half term we met up again for coffee to discuss how things were going etc and see if we needed to do any tweaking.
    I dealt with all homework. We marked our own days work....
    When it came to assesments etc the head would give one of us supply for a day or half day so we could meet up and assess stuff (We had year 2 so this was useful for sats)
    It worked well for us.

  5. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    I'm in this situation now where we were also told to sort out our planning ourselves. We plan separately (apart from the long term plan) and we meet up before each term to discuss groups etc. I work 0.6 and do all the number and calculating, plus some using and applying work in maths. She does the measures, shape, space and data handling. In English I do 3 days of a unit, she then does Big Write or grammar / punctuation work for day, then her PPA is the other English lesson which is either poetry or one of the other more stand alone units. We share the other subjects between us and swap during the year. It seems to work quite well and we've noticed the children seem to retain the non-number work more as they're doing it more often throughout the year. We do work in upper juniors though so they can cope better with it being like this.

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