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Jobseekers: an alternative view

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by clementinesandbrazilnuts, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. I have contemplated making this post for a while but have often avoided doing so because I've worried about unintentionally offending or upsetting anyone. I know how miserable and stressful job-hunting is, especially if you are under pressure to do so but I have wondered about some of the threads on here.
    It became clear to me early this year that a new job was a must for me and I visited this forum then. I've read ever since and I just wanted to mention that there is a generally really negative sort of feel and anyone who mentions applying for or possibly applying for another post is often talked out of it, with stories about how competitive the job-market is and some other points which I can't say have been part of my experiences at all and I am concerned that others, particularly those new to or enterng the profession, may be put off as a result.
    The first and main point that is repeated a lot on this forum is that if you are not a newly-qualified teacher but applying for a mainscale post, you will not be interviewed or appointed because of cost. I have never personally found this to be the case - I am not saying that it never happens but it may occasionally be the case, I don't know, I obviously cannot speak for every single school! However, I myself made a sideways move when on M2/3 and three of my friends have stepped down from roles on the senior leadership team or as heads of department/year due to demands of young families, gone for classroom teacher posts at other schools and have been appointed. I was on an interview panel in 2010 with four candidates: three NQT and one experienced teacher, and we offered the experienced teacher the post. I am aware all this is ancedotal but so are a lot of the tales on here. I do sometimes think if I wasn't aware of the above, if I was a classroom teacher looking for a post in a different school, I might conclude that there was no point, and why bother? Most schools know that even if they do appoint a "cheap" NQT they then (if they care about consistency of staff) will eventually have to pay them on a higher scale anyway.
    What NQTs do have in their favour is being something of a blank canvas. They can be trained and moulded to suit that particular school and its style. I have my own systems and procedures and it's nice having a newly qualified member of staff who I know would work closely beside me. NQTs are also often very enthusiastic and can add recent training to a department or a school. I think NQTs very probably often are first choice but these reasons aren't necessarily financial.
    Unfortunately, it's possible to have a CV history that can put you at a disadvantage, whether that is: non specialist, poor degree or A levels, not presently being employed or without recent experience, can really put someone at a disadvantage when applying for posts and I really hope it works out for you if this applies to you and you get a position soon.
    However, if you are presently employed with a good work history and qualifications, thinking about getting another post or a promotion, there is no reason (from what I have seen) why you shouldn't be a strong candidate both in terms of getting an interview and being offered a post. I just feel a lot of the topics and threads on here are running the risk of being rather one-sided and that while jobseeking can be a bit of a tedious process it isn't always as bleak as this forum sometimes suggests.
    I really hope no one minds that I have posted this, it is purely for the benefit of anybody who strays on here wondering about the current position in teaching. I think it's fair we have a balance.
    I really do wish all the best for all job seekers.

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