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Jobs in USA?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Miss_Hilton, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering when the jobs generally start to appear (if many at all) for North America? Where I am in the UK it's generally around March/April time. I'm just getting itchy feet about my prospects for the next academic year - I know it's early but I'm a worrier haha!
  2. I've been checking since end of Sept/start of Oct and only a handful seem to be coming out. Maybe there aren't many positions available at the moment. I will keep checking over the next month. I'm rather specific with the places I would like to work (as it's such a big decision) so I will have to keep my fingers cossed!Thanks for the other websites.
  3. If you can be more specific about where you want to go, there are people on these boards willing to direct you. There are only a few private international schools in the US in addition to the British schools which operate here. In the past, posters on these boards have been encouraged to apply to regular private schools and charter schools however given the current economic situation in the US, that advice is generally retracted as there are so many American teachers out of work.You also need to consider the emplyment laws in each state in terms of how much notice an employee needs to givein terms of their intent to leave.
    I know of International school in:
    New York
    Washington DC
    There was talk of one in Arizona a few years ago.
    In addition, there is the British group with schools in Charlotte, Washington DC, Houston, Boston and Chicago.
  4. I was looking at the British Schools and really liked the idea of Chicago, New York (which is opening Spet 2011 for year 2 and higher as only oundation and I think maybe Y1 at the moment?) and even Charlotte seems quite nice.

    I know what you mean about the amount of teachers unemployed in the USA therefore I would stick to the Bristish/International schools.

    I'm still weighing up the whole moving away as it's so huge but the more information re: job and conditions etc would definitly be of great help! Thanks for you continued help.
  5. There's teaching jobs in America? Really? And of course the UK has thousands of jobs waiting for teachers to take them as well.
  6. I looked at the Brit schools for some time but I wanted to work in the IB so went in a different direction.
    From my recollection, BSA generally posted their jobs later than the international schools and they generally appeared on their website shortly before they started appearing on TES.
    From my understanding, the New York school shares some facilities with the UN school which is good to know ;o) although I could be mistaken.
  7. Ahh didn't realise that. I will keep checking their websites and hopefully spot something there. I know these jobs are generally highly subscibed(what isn't these days?!) but it would be goo to spot them early. Hopefully I will have some luck. Thanks!

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