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job/work exp advice needed!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by LaureRichis, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. I am a bit confused about what you are hoping to do as a career. Are you planning to be a teacher? Do you want a TA job to see whether a teaching career is for you? What future applications are you planning?
    What sort of work experience are you looking for? A couple of weeks or a regular commitment? Are you looking for a TA job after or during your degree?
    Sorry I can't offer you any real advice as I am not sure exactly what you need to know.

  2. I want to do something in Education. Sorry wasn't very clear! I am wanting to do some work exp now - regular perhaps for the next 6 months a day a week perhaps. I am also considering what to do when I graduate, my degree is psychology and I am hoping to later to a doctorate in ed psych (but this requires several years experience in education anyway) or perhaps teaching, but I want to get as much insight as I can whilst still studying.
  3. It is quite common for secondary schools to get enquiries from prospective student teachers so don't worry about getting in touch. Initially you would probably just observe and help out if practical but if you are going to be there regularly then you will probably be able to take a more active role. You real issue is where you would fit in as a psychology student. It is much easier for secondary schools to have volunteers hosted by a department and as psychology is only really taught at post-16 level then you may struggle to see across the school. You could ask to work in the science or humanitites dept though.
    Most TA jobs require NVQs although level 2 TA jobs don't always specify and often take people with just GCSEs/A-levels. They prefer experience of working with young people. Jobs can be very competitive as many mums do the job as it fits in well with their children. Not sure about how graduates are viewed, we have a TA who has a degree but it doesn't seem to be common. The pay is very low as well.
  4. Ah much clearer. Are you looking for paid or voluntary TA work? As the previous poster said paid TA jobs are very competitive and schools would probably want someone who could work more than one day a week. If voluntary I am sure schools would be eager to have your help.
    Maybe something linked to PSHE might link with your degree.
    Good Luck.
  5. LaureRichis I am still doing my degree so looking to do one day a week work experience/voluntary now, just thinking ahead really re TA jobs for when I graduate.

    Would I need to have CRB checks for volunteering now?
  6. Thank you very helpful!

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