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Job situation in ICT / Computing in Kent?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by jobhunterict, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. I have worked as an engineer for ages, had quite a few years FT in the UK and being a HOD in a large comp, then a few years in schools in Asia, where I taught mainly Computer Science and A Level / Bacc ICT. I'm now 48. I've been thinking about work, and it is with some trepidation that I'm even looking, but I am returning to Kent next week, where family is. The question is in the title.

    I'm wondering what the job market is like in Kent, anywhere from around Margate down to around Dover / Folkestone, maybe Romney Marsh area, ideally on the coast or just inland a bit. I was thinking of doing supply to start with, or maybe a very short term contract, before committing full-time to anywhere, but might go for a one year contract if I got a warm fuzzy feeling about a school.

    Salary scales seem to have disappeared! What should a 48 year old expect, 10 years programming, 17 teaching experience? My last salary before going abroad 2 years ago was £46K.

    What are daily supply rates like in Kent?

    I get an impression from reading that Kent is a problem area for recruitment? Do you agree? Does that apply to computing and ICT? Have salaries risen to keep pace and attract good staff?

    Do schools give help with relocation if you take a full-time job? I have a house in Brum and plan to sell-up as soon as the tenants leave in 4 weeks.

    Any comments / help well-received. I won't post in the jobs section as this is quite subject-specific, I think.
  2. tjra

    tjra Occasional commenter

    There is a huge shortage of good Computing teachers. We've been advertising since Easter (we're near Gatwick, so not far from Kent) and have not managed to appoint anybody. I think you'll be snapped up - do some scouting round first because I doubt you'll find it difficult to find a job.

    With regards to salary, I think you can expect to be on the same as before. Salaries haven't increased by much. With the removal of scales however, schools do have more flexibility to offer more (especially academies) so it might be worth testing the water in an interview and asking for more.
  3. Thanks for that. I've been scouting around already and sending out a few CVs. The response has been instantaneously positive, although potential salary offers will be interesting. I will also need to sort out somewhere to live.

    Are there still 'key worker' schemes in Kent, to provide cheaper rents for e.g. teachers, do you know?
  4. tjra

    tjra Occasional commenter

    I think Keyworker is a thing of the past - there is Part Buy/Part Rent though where you own part of the property and pay rent on the other part - this is mainly for people without a large enough deposit or large enough income to pay for the full mortgage though. I'm not sure about this though, you'd need to do some Googling.
  5. olderandwiser

    olderandwiser Occasional commenter

    You might want to check out rents and house prices in the SE before moving here. They have jumped quite a lot in the last few years.

    If schools in London and the SE, where recruitment is a big problem were serious about recruiting, they would;

    a) start offering accommodation or subsidised flats and houses with jobs, at least for a short period, to attract exactly those flexible single people like the O/P, who could be persuaded to move anywhere in a large area if his life were made easy and they could just move in to a nice place once the contract was signed.

    b) start offering decent salaries that reflect the skill-set on offer.

    c) start offering proper signing-on fees / golden handshakes.

    Accommodation is the biggest hurdle for people wanting to take up jobs in the South but noone seems to want to take the initiative.
  6. Accommodation is the big problem. You are right. It is such a pain trying to get something organised when you are not sure exactly where you will be living. And I'm too old to share! I would even be tempted by one or two of the jobs in central London for a year, if I didn't have to spend most of my take-home pay on renting a flat the size of a shoebox. Kent is where I want to be and costs are better, but not by that much. I think I am going to end up taking supply work if I don't get anything sorted out next week, which is fine.

    Any jobs going between Margate and Romney Marsh you know of anyone?

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