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job sharing and planning time

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by breadmaker, May 22, 2011.

  1. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Would be grateful for any advice.
    Atm, I work full time, so staying 2 nights after school (directed time) to do planning and INSET has not been a problem. From September, I shall be going pt- 3 days.
    As the planning days will remain the same, they will fall in my part of the week worked so my job share partner who is doing thurs and friday, will not attend either of these meetings.
    As I get PPA pro-rata to my hours worked, do I have a case for apporaching my HT and asking if these meetings can also be done on a pro-rata basis and if so, is it then acceptable that my partner will not attend any of them at any time, as she is not in the building when they take place.
    Would appreciate any suggestions/ideas for sorting this situation fairly and amicably. Thanks.
  2. Of course your own attendance at meetings should be pro-rata. I wouldn't concern yourself with what your job share does in this respect- although your HT might want to consider alternating the nights that said meetings take place so that each of you can "do your share". Hope this is helpful.
  3. Your Head has probably worked out a directed time commitment for all part time teachers. I have the same split and one has staff mtg on a Tues to attend & the other has chosen to run a couple of clubs. Both do parent meetings and it all adds up fairly. Worth asking what the split will be.
  4. As you will be doing 0.6 of the week you should do 0.6 equivalent of staff meetings and training days, etc. Whatever days they fall on. I'm a 0.4 and have done more than my fair share of staff meetings and training days. At my school we both do both parents evening nights. I think parents quite like seeing both of usm together.
  5. I don't think that is quite right.
    P/T staff can be expected to attend meetings on days they work, but not on days they don't. So if all staff meetings, for instance, fall on days you usually work and attending them is within your directed time allocation, then you would be obliged to attend them. The same would apply to INSET.
    If however, you are being asked to attend on days you do not work, then you should be paid accordingly.
  6. When money is tight a bit of give and take has to be a part of working amicably with part time teachers. Employing two teachers for one class is more costly for a school but can also mean you end up with two excellent people for one class instead of one. Directed time goes beyond school hours and is best organised in collaboration with the teacher in question. Paying two people to attend a staff meeting on behalf of one class could be expensive so other goodwill gestures can sometimes be acceptable eg paying for childcare or giving time in lieu.
  7. This can be really problematic, especially in small schools. I agree with transilvanian, works best if you can agree amicable arrangements with teachers. Also applies to part time teaching assistants as well, especially if you are keen for them to be part of in-service training. At our school we have either given days in lieu or paid overtime. I try not to organise in-service training on the same day each time. I also think a lot depends on the relationship between the two teachers who are job sharing.
  8. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Thanks to you all for your replies-plenty to think about and I shall see how things pan out as we get nearer to the end of term when the issues will really start to arise then...........
  9. Interesting topic anyone got anything to add....

  10. 7even

    7even New commenter

    I had 2 job shares. One did 3 days a week and the other 2 days so as there are 5 INSET days, it seemed obvious to me that one did 3 of them and the other did 2. But oh no, that would be too simple!
    I can't ask a job share to come in for INSET on a day they do not normally work. As all my INSETs were on Mondays or Fridays, this meant the 2 dayer didn't come in on any INSET days because she didn't normally work those days. I checked with personnel and that's correct.
    This year, I planned 3 on Mondays and Fridays and 2 on Wednesday and Thursday (luckily that's how start of terms turned out). Discussed it with both teachers at the start of the year so we were all clear and fair and agreed.
    As it happens the 3 dayer wanted to come in on the other days too as she saw it as valuable CPD so I give her time off in lieu. I think it should be a matter of give and take on all parties.

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